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Patriots use smuggling and sabotage to thwart current tyranny

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The United States has a long history of public defiance of centralized government authority. Civil disobedience, evasive action, resistance to government mandates, defiance of government oppressors, sabotage, and the smuggling of forbidden items are embedded in the collective unconscious.

These actions against oppressive and restrictive centralized government seem to be in our genes, pointing to an independent spirit that flies in the face of authoritarian government edicts.

"You are not going to tell me what to do," Americans seem to be saying in one unified chorus to government directives.

To be fair, the citizens are aware that in some if not most circumstances the law should be followed. The path to a free society where everyone is free to pursue their own lives and happiness is paved with an acknowledgement that some laws are necessary and beneficial.

For example, you are free to pursue wealth. You are not free, however, to gain your wealth by taking mine. And if you do, you must be punished according to the terms of the law.

But when laws are designed to control decent people who do not go around breaking laws willy nilly, the American collective unconscious is so outraged by it all that in time the people will rise up in defiance.

The Boston Tea Party, for example, was an act of direct defiance and sabotage directed at the oppressive British empire just prior to the Revolutionary War. The issue was that the tea carried a tax that the Americans had not authorized. Disguised as Indians, the colonists boarded the ships in Boston Harbor and dumped the tea into the harbor. Their rallying cry was "no taxation without representation."

King George and the British had slapped the tax on the tea without providing any means by which the people could express their approval or disapproval. They had no elected representation. They were taxed as a matter of edict issued by the Crown.

These circumstances, and others, led directly to the American Revolution.

In modern times Prohibition provides another example of public defiance of laws. Alcohol was prohibited. This had long been a goal of the Progressive Movement as a method of "improving the lot of mankind." But the people never accepted it. Alcohol was smuggled and sold illegally in speak-easies. Eventually the federal government had to acknowledge that Prohibition was a failure, and the law was repealed.

Presently some of the states are taking a hyper-aggressive approach to gun control. New York now has the toughest gun control laws in the land. But not far behind are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and Colorado.

It would be a colossal mistake, however, for politicians and law enforcement in these states to assume that their oppressive laws are being obeyed. Many citizens stated up front that they would not follow any new gun control law.

But perhaps the most far reaching consequence of these unconstitutional, oppressive anti-gun and anti-ammo laws is the smuggling that is now being conducted by citizens outside of those states. Patriots are taking "forbidden" firearms and ammo directly to the states where they are hard to get.

The smuggling will only continue and intensify.

Sabotage is also being implemented, not in a violent manner that places human lives in danger but by covertly throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery of the government oppressors who seek to roll back our liberties.

In what way is this sabotage taking place? These are matters that cannot be disclosed. "Covert" and "top secret" are the key words. But astute citizens are able to look around and observe patterns in certain sectors of society that all point to bugs being deliberately placed into the massive government monolith.

These activities will only continue until the government oppressors, both elected and unelected, get the message and back off.


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