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Patriots form human shield around Bundy family

Supporters say they will place themselves between the Bundys and the Feds to protect them from deadly gov't assault.
Supporters say they will place themselves between the Bundys and the Feds to protect them from deadly gov't assault.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Federal agents made a spectacle out of their retreat from the scene of the standoff between government forces and Nev. rancher Clivan Bundy, family members and friends, and supporters who went to Nevada to support him. But immediately reports began circulating that the Feds were merely regrouping to conduct another assault, this time on the Bundy home itself. Word then came that Patriot groups planned to form a human shield around the Bundy family in order to protect them from any attempt by the Feds to use lethal force against them.

As reports continued to come in, including statements made by well-placed sources inside and outside the government, it became clear that the Feds had no intention whatsoever of a permanent retreat. They would be back, and they would in all likelihood be back with a vengeance.

These facts elicited a response from the spokesman of perhaps the most well-known of the Patriot groups dedicated to upholding the Constitution -- Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers. Rhodes told citizen reporter and gun rights activist Mike Vanderboegh that they were aware of the fact that the Feds may well attack again.

It was at this point that Rhodes threw down the gauntlet, stating that Oath Keepers and politicians in the western states would interpose themselves between any threat and the Bundy ranch. Vanderboegh summarized by stating, "The Feds will have to kill Patriot leaders if they want the Bundys."

Incidentally, Vanderboegh had an unexpected opening in his speaking schedule in which he is currently making his rounds in various states as featured guest. A cancellation has now made it possible for him to travel to Nevada to speak at the Bundy ranch.

It is thus becoming clear that the current conflict between the Bundy family and the Feds will be a protracted affair with no end in sight. And the Feds are doing nothing to deescalate the tensions. With Sen. Harry Reid, who is up to his eyeballs in scandal regarding Clark County, Nev. land, claiming that Bundy needs to be punished for "breaking the law," and others among the progressive/collectivist cabal of despotism claiming that Bundy is a "domestic terrorist," this clash is nowhere near deescalating.

And, as Vanderbeogh has said repeatedly, the Federal leviathan has no idea what it is about to unleash on the entire country, and itself, if it continues down the present path.


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