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PASTEL - A Brazilian recipe for you

Brazilain PASTEL
Brazilain PASTEL
Paulo Oliveira


  • Lynne Lehmer 5 years ago

    Paulo, it sounds very good. This reminds me of my friend from Colombia who makes empanadas. I think that is what she called them. Very tasty. Be sure you don't burn yourself with that hot oil :)

  • Profile picture of Michael Thal
    Michael Thal 5 years ago

    Pastel looks and sounds yummy.

  • Profile picture of Paulo Oliveira
    Paulo Oliveira 5 years ago

    It tastes really good, Michael. I used to eat them almost every day, back in Rio.

  • Profile picture of Rhonda Cratty
    Rhonda Cratty 5 years ago

    Oh what a surprise! New to me and written with such clarity I think I can make them. Thanks for the new treat.

  • Profile picture of Virginia Kahler-Anderson
    Virginia Kahler-Anderson 5 years ago

    Hi Paulo! This recipe looks mighty tasty. And, as a matter of fact, I happen to have some dry, salted cod in my fridge, and I didn't just just what I would do with it. Thanks to you, I think I will be surprising my familia with this new recipe of yours ~ PATELS with cod. Yummy!

    San Jose Food Examiner
    San Jose Home Fitness Examiner

  • Profile picture of Heidi Cox
    Heidi Cox 5 years ago

    This sounds great. It reminds me of something we had in Puerto Rico.

    Heidi Cox, D.C. Women's Health Examiner

  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 5 years ago

    Paulo these look and sound wonderful. Will keep this recipe and have to make these soon. Can't wait to try this - maybe this weekend - plan on making bread so why not since there will be flour powder everywhere already.

  • Paulo Oliveira 5 years ago

    I'm sure that you'll enjoy it, Beverly! Let me know how you did it.

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