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Paris Is Choking

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Starting tomorrow Monday March 17th, 2014 Parisians will only be able to drive their vehicles every other day. License Plates ending in odd numbers will be ones who will be allowed to drive tomorrow. Smog has taken over the city and authorities have taken to cracking down on the car pollution to help ease the suffering. For the past two days the public transit system has allowed free ridership. This may continue but has not been decided.

What's happened is that with cold nights and warm days the smog that usually is able to lift and get free from the city has been trapped and thus making it pretty miserable. French authorities have also asked the elderly, children, and anyone with asthma to stay indoors as much as possible.

There are other French cities like Reims, Rouen and Caen who are also taking measures to curb their traffic conditions to try and cut down on the pollution.

These weather conditions are not just hurting Paris. Countries like Belgium and Italy are also facing the same smog conditions in their larger cities. The severity of the smog filled air has not been seen like this in over twenty years.

It is making it pretty miserable all over the continent and with spring coming this week all those who vacation in France or the other countries will be looking for other places to visit. Come Monday if the smog has not lessened French Authorities have stated that they may have to go even more extreme than what they have done so far.

Conditions have been likened to what Beijing has been fighting for sometime. Beijing, China has been for some time been called the smog city of the planet. Though China is trying to curb the pollution it still is considered one of the poorest air quality countries around.

We will wait and see if Paris gets some relief and can go back to some sort of normalcy.



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