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Paranormal creatures: Black dogs

Black dogs have been sighted on some mountain pathways
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For hundreds of years people have made reports about seeing ferocious black dogs. These are not your average black dogs. On most accounts these creatures are believed to be sent right from the Devil himself. These hell hounds have been encountered throughout the world. There are several theories about these dogs.

Appearance of black dogs

Black dogs are usually depicted as larger than your average dog. Some people said the dogs they encountered were about the size of a large Labrador. Other individuals have described these dogs as being abnormally large and packed full of muscle.

Black dogs are said to have glowing red eyes. Their snouts are sometimes described as enlarged. Their teeth are said to be bright white or yellow. The teeth of these hell hounds are large and razor sharp.

Hell hounds are said to have long coats. Their fur is said to be shaggy. Their fur seems to stick out on all ends.

Usually the black dogs appear in solid form. Occasionally they appear to be a more ghostly form.

Location of black dogs

Black dogs have been spotted in many places throughout the world. Country lanes, crossroads, church yards, mountain paths, and riverbanks are common places where hell hounds have been sighted. These dogs can sometimes be found hanging around ancient monuments and where ley lines are located.

Theories about black dogs

Many people believe that seeing a black dog is an omen of death or doom. Touching a hell hound is seen as a death omen. It is said that after a person touches a black dog, his or her death won’t be far off.

Not all theories about black dogs are bad. Some people believe that seeing a black dog is a good thing. These giant black dogs are sometimes seen as protectors and guardians.

Some skeptics believe that people who claim to have seen hellhounds are just hallucinating. Another skeptic theory is that these dogs are just regular dogs that are mistaken for something they are not.

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