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Paperclip necklaces by Manu

Everyone loves a statement necklace - they can effortlessly transform a casual, everyday outfit into a quirky ensemble. 

Even better? A statement necklace you can make yourself - allowing you to create something personal, unique, and best of all, cheap!

This Manu necklaces were designed and hand-created by Lauren Manoogian out of paper clips, silver rings, and vinyl tape.  She resourcefully combines these small everyday objects into beautiful and ingenious designs.  While these seem to be a bit on the pricey end, (the Breastplate Necklace runs at $200 online via Bonadrag), these pieces can be great inspiration for a fun Do-It-Yourself project.  The number of possibilities for fun, geometric necklaces that can be fashioned out of these materials are endless! 

I know what I'll be doing the next time I'm bored and sitting at an office desk!