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PanTerra Energy opens in Denver, gives residents a new home energy option

You can get solar panels installed on your roof for about the same monthly cost of your current energy bill. You can spend a little more and opt into wind-produced energy from Xcel.

A simple image of a geothermal heating unit

You can be as bold as the city of Boulder and completely divorce yourself from Xcel Energy. One thing is clear - as more and more of us become aware of the actual costs behind our energy consumption, more of us are looking for other options to heat, cool, and light our environment without breaking the bank or further scarring the planet.

PanTerra Energy looks to do just that with a different, often overlooked, source of energy - the ground beneath our feet.

Contrary to beleif - geothermal energy does not require drilling to the lava-core mantle of the planet. In fact, like a solar panel, the temperature of the first few feet of soil remains a constant temperature thanks to the sun.

For a full, informative, and accurate explaination of how you can use geothermal energy in your home, consult the video in the upper right corner of this page.

PanTerra Energy not only looks to bring geothermal energy to homes and businesses in the Denver area, but they look to bring it to them at a realistic, affordable price point. The company is offering many Thermal Purchase Agreements and tax credits to bring geothermal heating pumps to residents and businesses as a considerably reduced cost.

As a temperately burdensome summer approaches, we all need to be thinking of ways to reduce our reliance on the grid. Panterra offers one great solution.

What other solutions are you considering?

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