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Police: Family killed newlyweds in grisly decapitation honor killing

Pakistan newlyweds killed in honor killing
Pakistan newlyweds killed in honor killing
Facebook/ SG Wedding

A newlywed couple became the latest victims of a horrific honor killing in Pakistan. The couple died from decapitation, which was done by the bride's family because she went against their wishes when marrying this man. This gruesome death occurred shortly after they were married and the killing was carried out by the bride’s immediate family, including her parents, who “lured the couple” to their death, according to CNN News on June 28.

The couple was persuaded to join the bride’s relatives in the village of Satrah in Punjab province. They told the couple that they now accept their marriage and unfortunately the couple believed them.

This was an honor killing and despite the family having no witnesses to implicate them in this horrendous crime, the family members responsible for the couple’s death turned themselves in. The bride’s grandfather, parents and two of her uncles are accused of using a butcher knife to kill this couple. They are in police custody, according to Yahoo News today.

Sajjad Ahmed, 26, and 18-year-old Muawia Bibi married against the bride’s family wishes. Their ceremony took place in the Pakistani court on June 18.

Honor killings are not a rare event, according to the United Nations, every year approximately 5,000 women meet with death at the hands of their loved ones in these honor killings. The total does not represent the unreported honor killings, so women’s advocacy groups believe there is a much higher death rate from these senseless murders.

Last month a pregnant Pakistani woman’s honor killing made global headlines. Earlier this month an 18-year-old woman was found shot and left for dead in Pakistan. She was rescued and told authorities that it was her brother and father who shot her for marrying a neighbor they did not approve of.

Another woman was attacked by bricks, thrown by 20 people, many who were her immediate family member for marrying the man she loved. Her husband told CNN that he “killed his first wife” so he could marry this woman.

Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission reported 869 deaths of women who were killed in these honor killings.

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