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Pacquiao KO's The Tax Man and His Ship Sails Along

It's never a bad day when you find out that you DON'T owe or have to pay any taxes to the big bad government. Pacquiao recently got the good word that this is the case for he and his wife. I know one thing, here in the USA the IRS can be brutal when you owe them money. They can be straight up bullies and will harass people in order to get their money. Nobody likes to have a bullie hounding them for money especially when you are innocent of any tax wrong doing.

The 8 division world champion can now focus 100 percent on his up coming fight in China Vs. New York's real life "Rocky" Chris Algieri. Truthfully, this fight probably won't last very long. It's either going to be a Pacquiao rout, or Algieri will pull off the upset of the past 5 decades in sports. Pacquiao has every advantage known to man in this fight. Speed, power, experience, level of competition, everything. I don't think Algieri being a little taller is going to mean a thing in this one.

Chris Algieri is a tough hombre don't get me wrong, but I just don't see this fight lasting more than 6 rounds. Hey, I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time and it wont be the last time.

A focused Pacquiao is a dangerous Pacquiao. If he has his head straight, (which he probably will since his tax issues are behind him) it won't bode well for his New York opponent. Pacquiao's ship continues to sail, and the next port stop is China.

The Pacquiao story is a long and sometimes complicated one. It's had it's highs and lows, with most being high. He's put an entire nation on his back. He's done so many good things for people over the years, and as a result he's a global fan favorite. I've had the good fortune of knowing Manny, and meeting him on several occasions over the years. I'm glad I got to know him early on in his career before the army of leeches massed, and before a few other certain individuals started building fire walls around him for their own self gain. Credit to Pacquiao, he's not changed much over the years at all. It's the people around him that have, and most for the worst.

Freddie Roach has been by Pacquiao's side from the beginning. Roach has been a good mentor for Manny. There have been a few that's tried to sabotage Freddie and Manny's friendship a few times, but each effort has failed. Roach has been a good friend to Manny, and same goes the other way around. Pacman is a loyal guy. Sometimes so loyal that it does him a disservice, but nonetheless, he's loyal. He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, which is actually smart.

What's next after Algieri? How many fights does the champ have left? What will he do after he hangs up the gloves? I'll examine these questions and write about that in my next article. Until then, keep swinging folks.

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