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Owners move and leave gentle senior German shepherd at busy animal control

Urgent Death Row Dogs FB page

An eight-year-old German shepherd, described as "soft and gentle," is patiently waiting to be noticed behind the bars of her kennel run at the New York Animal Care and Control facility in Manhattan.

The dog, named "Sammy," lost her family when they moved to a home where dogs are not allowed and she was surrendered to the busy animal control facility. A volunteer who had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful dog wrote the following after their encounter:

Although clearly feeling out of place, Sammy knows her ways around people and other dogs. She is a GOOD girl with soft and gentle manners, going with the flow.

She walks calmly on the leash, eliminating on the way. A slight weakness of her hinds is perceptible. She is pretty, feminine and can not take a bad picture.

Her eyes are bright, engaging and eloquent, voicing silently her plea…"I am a family dog, please, take me home.." Sammy seems to have been well cared for. Her coat is lush and well groomed and displays lovely markings.


She suffers from arthritis says her master…She likes to be petted and places her head in my lap for bonding. Only good words were spoken about Sammy: a well behaved,sociable, loving and calm pet , friendly to all , including kids, cats and other dogs…. Sammy is an older girl with a bit of arthritis and a lot of love, spirit and companionship to share and brighten your days.

Sammy is urgently in need of somewhere to go as her time at this facility has already run out. Please take a moment to network her information before she is lost forever.

  • SAMMY - ID# A1011908
  • Female 8 years of age
  • If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the dogs at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions, or email
  • Call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions
  • Sammy's Facebook thread on the Urgent Death Row Dogs Facebook page here

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