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Owner facing charges after multiple animals found neglected and starving

Dogs, horse and chicken rescued from unacceptable living conditions
Dogs, horse and chicken rescued from unacceptable living conditions
Tangi H.S.

On Tuesday, the Tangi Humane Society issued a statement about the rescue of several, severely neglected animals from property in Amite, La..

Emaciated, neglected dogs rescued
Tangi H.S.

On Monday, six dogs, an emaciated horse and one chicken were rescued from horrible conditions. The majority of the dogs were sick and emaciated; one dog was found to be suffering from a prolapsed uterus.

The rescued horse had been relying on a muddy puddle for water and like the dogs, she was skeletal; the one chicken was discovered in a cage with several other chickens who were dead.

The dogs had been contained in wire pens with mud floors and buckets of algae-laden water.

According to the humane society, the owners are facing eight counts of suspected animal cruelty.

According to Michelle Shaw, who helped bring this situation to the attention of the local authorities, the deplorable conditions had been going on for some time. The good Samaritan alerted the local authorities to the conditions in December and she was assured that the welfare of the animals had been checked on.

Shaw stated:

The first call I made was back at the end of Dec 2013, regarding a dog that was tied to a tree with a prolapsed uterus. The deputy, Michael Martin, had returned my call and assured all was well and that the dog was under veterinary care. I took his word for it and thought no more of it.

A neighbor was able to take photos after the welfare check was asked for and it was easily apparent that the animals were still living in unacceptable conditions.

Shaw said:

She sent me many photos. The conditions these animals, horses & dogs, were kept in was absolutely unacceptable. And guess what else??? THE DOG WITH THE PROLAPSED UTERUS WAS STILL UNTREATED.

Shaw contacted the authorities again - she was assured that the conditions would be investigated. According to Shaw, she was advised that the humane society would be there by Monday, but she learned later that it never happened:

By noon, no one had shown up. So the humane society was called directly. Randy Segell stated that nobody from the sheriff dept had contacted him. He was very concerned and went out to the property immediately.

It was not until the humane society became involved that the animals were rescued - thanks to Shaw's efforts, the animals were removed from the miserable conditions.

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