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Owner cites 'personal problems' as reason for surrendering seniors

Senior dogs surrendered in Manhattan
Senior dogs surrendered in Manhattan
Via Urgent Part 2 FB page

On Feb. 6, "Mikey," was surrendered to the New York Animal Care and Control in Manhattan; his owner cited "personal problems" as the reason for leaving the senior dog behind.


The ten-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix was not the only casualty of the owner's personal problems...two other dogs were surrendered to the same facility as well.

Chuppi (A0991144), a nine-year-old poodle mix, and Milo (A0991147), also nine years of age and a poodle mix, are currently homeless as well.

Today, the three seniors are all in the "super urgent" album on the Facebook page, Urgent Part 2-Urgent Death Row Dogs.

The dogs' owner may very well have had personal problems, but whatever those issues may have been, they were likely not as dire as the uncertain future these dogs now face.

These seniors need a helping hand if they are to leave this facility alive.

A volunteer wrote the following:

Chuppi, Milo and Mickey really are bonded. They really love each other. Chuppi and Milo are outgoing. Mickey is a bit scared. Lovely dogs. Mikey, Milo & Chuppi ended up together at the Manhattan NY High-Kill Shelter because their owner developed “Personal problems”


  • Chuppi 9 yrs ID# A0991144
  • Milo 9 yrs # A0991147
  • Mikey 10 yrs ID#A0991143
  • Facebook thread Mikey
  • Facebook thread Milo
  • Facebook thread Chuppi

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