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Our passion for the ocean is passed to future generations

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What could be more rewarding than carrying on our love of the ocean and its many species of marine life with our future generations?

Divers around the world share a euphoric passion that gets us through the most mundane of days. There is an organization that brings this ocean magic to the youth of today. Oceans for Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that is funded by grants, donations and varied fund-raising events. Some of the most pivotal accomplishments such as kids summer camps, teen scuba camp, mentoring programs in the dive industry, children's books about the marine world, dvd's, marine/ocean career fairs, scholarship programs, have all been completed by board members, volunteers, directors and small committees. Free educational materials and instruction guides are produced and distributed to teachers and volunteers throughout the globe. Whether it be for elementary or high school, there is something for children of all ages.

If we can introduce our youngsters to the beauty and importance of our oceans, they will have a greater understanding and awareness of the ocean environment. This, in turn, helps to preserve and protect our oceans for years to come. It builds their curiosity towards the marine environment and gives them a greater appreciation while continuing to teach them to uphold the values that are respected. We pass on the responsibility of all the efforts of conservation initiatives that are currently underway present day.

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of the Oceans for Youth Foundation is the establishment of the summer camps utilizing Jean Michele Cousteau's, one of the greatest ocean pioneers of all time, Reef Ambassadors Program.

Go to to learn more. Tax-deductible donations may be made online as well. The sport of scuba diving is contagious, no matter what the age may be and we want it to live on and on for many generations to come.