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Origins Award winners announced

Origins Award
Origins Award

This weekend, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design selected the winners from the list of nominees for the 37th Annual Origins Awards. Congratulations to all of the nominated publishers! Several of these titles are available on Check them out today!

The Origins Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to recognize outstanding achievement in design and production of games and game related products.

The nominees were voted on by hobby game retailers at the GAMA Trade Show in March 2011 from a short list in each category determined by a jury of hobby game professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts. The winner of each category was determined by the votes of attendees at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus OH, June 22nd-26th. The winners were announced and the coveted Calliope statues presented at the Origins Awards Ceremony yesterday.

Best Roleplaying Game

Best Roleplaying Supplement

Best Board Game

  • Defenders of the Realm - Eagle Games;Designer: Richard Launius
  • Fresco - Queen Games;Designer: Wolfgang Panning, Marco Ruskowski, Marcel Süßelbeck
  • Lords of Vegas - Mayfair Games;Designer: James Ernest, Mike Selinker
  • Nuns on the Run - Mayfair Games;Designer: Fréderic Moyersoen
  • WINNER: Castle Ravenloft - Wizards of the Coast;Designer: Bil Slaviciek, Mike Mearls

Best Traditional Card Game

  • Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer - Gary Games;Designer: Justin Gary
  • Hecho - Glowfly Games;Designers: Brian Knudsen, Brent Knudsen
  • Hex Hex XL - Smirk & Dagger Games;Designers: Curt Covert, Justin Brunetto
  • Railways of the World: The Card Game - Eagle Games;Designer: James Eastham, Steve Ellis
  • WINNER: Back to the Future: The Card Game - Looney Labs, Inc.;Designer: Andrew Looney

Best Family, Party or Children's Game

  • Ligretto Dice - Playroom Entertainment;Designers: Inka Brand, Markus Brand
  • Telestrations - USAopoly, Inc.;Designer: USAopoly
  • Wits and Wagers Family Edition - North Star Games;Designer: Dominic Crapuchettes
  • Word on the Street Junior - Out of the Box Publishing;Designer: Jack Degnan
  • WINNER: Zombie Dice - Steve Jackson Games;Designer: Steve Jackson

Best Gaming Accessory

  • Color Primer: Dragon Red - The Army Painter;Designer: Bo Penstoft, Jonas Faering
  • Adventurers Tiles - Battle Bunker Games;Designer: Tony Ironmonger, Daniel Hinkle
  • Battlefield XP Swamp Tufts - The Army Painter;Designer: Bo Penstoft, Jonas Faering
  • BattleTech Hex Pack: Lakes & Rivers - Catalyst Game Labs;Designer: Randall N. Bills
  • WINNER: Cthulhu Dice Bag - Steve Jackson Games;Designer: Alex Fernandez

Best Miniatures Rules

Best Historical Board Game

  • Warlords of Europe - Conquest Gaming LLC;Designers: Ken Griffin, Kyle Battle, Russ Rupe
  • Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour Poland 1939 - Academy Games;Designer: Uwe Eickect
  • Panzer General: Allied Assault - Petroglyph Games, Inc.; Designers: Chuck Kroegel, George Chastain
  • WINNER: Catan Histories - Settlers of America: Trails to Rails - Mayfair Games;Designer: Klaus Teuber

Best Game-Related Publication

Best Play-by-Mail/Play-by-Email

  • Fate of a Nation - Norberg Games; Designers: Peter Norberg and Johan Norberg
  • Cruenti Dei - Sardarthion Press; Designer: Thom Ryng
  • Battle of the 5 Armies - Game Systems Inc.; Designers: Sam Roads and Clint Oldridge
  • Heldenwelt - SSV Klapt-Bachler OG; Designers: Johannes Klapf and Klaus Bachler
  • WINNER: The One Ring (A Legends Module) - Harlequin Games; Designers: Sam Roads and Klaus Bachler


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