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Original ‘Teen Mom’ stars involved with feud over ‘poor choices’

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Michael Buckner

Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to controversy when it comes to some of her co-stars. Of course, they never filmed together unless they were talking about the past season’s events on the reunion shows. And while Farrah may not be good friends with Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, she can’t stop saying things that damage their friendship. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on June 16, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is now saying that their rumored pregnancy is a poor choice.

Of course, Farrah is probably the last person who should be talking about other people’s poor choices. She filmed several sex movies to support her daughter, Sophia, and there were rumors that Sophia went with her into the meetings to sign various contracts for these deals. Many have criticized Farrah’s decisions when it comes to her work, including her movies, wide range of books and recent line of sex toys.

But just because Farrah is a single mother to little Sophia doesn’t mean that she should be criticizing the other stars for having children. Of course, Catelynn and Tyler gave up their daughter for adoption in hopes of giving her a better life. Now that they are older and working on their futures, they could be ready to have another child. Plus, they are nearing 10 years together.

Farrah recently spoke out about Tyler and Catelynn’s “poor choices.” “I wish them all the best, but it does make me very sad to still see them make poor choices,” Farrah said. “I can’t even tell you if I had to go through all the same struggles again that I had to deal with the first time with Sophia — and I didn’t like that and I knew better — it would really crush me. So, I’m very sad to hear that the other Teen Moms don’t take that as serious as they should.”

A couple of months ago, Tyler and Catelynn made headlines over rumors that they were expecting their second child. And while Farrah may not be a big supporter of them, it sounds like Tyler had a few words to say to Farrah after her rant. Tyler replied on Twitter, recently writing, "'Poor Choices?' I don't recall making a porn to support my child lol! I prefer the old fashion way, working, respect, dignity and discipline."

Do you think Farrah has a right to judge them so harshly, given they are still together and going strong? Do you think Farrah would consider a second child if she was in a strong and devoted relationship?

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