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Oregon victim advocate’s op-ed rebuts anti-self-defense camp

Lots of women are buying, carrying guns instead of swallowing the Everytown anti-gun message.
Lots of women are buying, carrying guns instead of swallowing the Everytown anti-gun message.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

An Oregon-based crime victims advocate authored an opinion piece in today’s Salem Statesman-Journal that carries a devastating message for anti-gunners, and also delivers a verbal knuckle bruising punch to a 30-second video message produced recently by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” lobbying group.

Rachel Lucas, executive director of Safer Oregon – Oregon Crime Victims for Self Protection noted how she saw the Bloomberg group’s video aired on “The View,” and how it elicited a reaction from three of the four women panelists that the gun ban crowd probably did not expect. They, like Lucas, had “faced real life-threatening situations where their lives, and in some cases, their children's lives, were in real danger.”

Lucas wrote that she survived a rape. She also noted that “nothing that I was trained to do during the attack itself was helpful at all. Not a thing.”

“Women are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in America, and we aren't just buying guns, we are training to use them too,” Lucas wrote. “In that moment when your life is threatened and no one is there to help you, a bat or pepper spray just isn’t going to do it. We also know that criminals break laws, and when seconds count, police are minutes away. When you have children or vulnerable others under your care, you know it even more.”

Lucas’ column should be required reading for anybody who believes that guns in the home, or carried in a pocket or concealed holster are a bad thing. It might be instructional for Shannon Watts, founder of the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action, to have a chat with Lucas or some other crime victim who has, as veteran self-defense expert Massad Ayoob once succinctly put it: “made the decision.”

It is hardly surprising that legions of people, many of them women, saw the Everytown video as a great argument for having a gun. The video depicts a woman on the phone to police – when seconds count, they’re minutes away – facing her ex-hubby who kicks in the door, grabs their son and then pulls a pistol from his pocket and shoots her (off camera) in the head.

According to the video script, the woman has a restraining order against her ex. As the video reveals, a piece of paper neither stopped the guy from kicking in the door, or getting his hands on a gun. What could have stopped him was depicted in a hilarious “video fix” featuring a woman with a pistol defending herself. That has been taken down by YouTube because the Everytown group claimed a copyright infringement.

Still, sensible activists like Lucas took no time at all to conclude that having a gun and not needing it is preferable to needing a gun and not having it. It’s like a fire extinguisher. If you never need to use it, that’s a good thing. If you ever do need it, you need it right now.

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