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'Orange is the New Black season 2 date from Netflix: Trailer released (Video)

Orange is the New Black,” the surprise runaway hit from Netflix, is coming back on June 6, when the complete second season will be released. Until then, they’ve released a teaser trailer for fans to get a quick shot of the show that they’re missing. Unlike network and cable TV, Netflix releases a complete season of a show all at once, allowing the viewer to watch it at their own pace.

"Orange is the New Black" comes back with season 2 from Netflix, but right now all fans get is new short trailer.
Netflix 'Orange is the New Black promo

According to MSN News on Feb. 15, the clip is only 16 seconds long, but it offers up enough of a glimpse to see that “Orange is the New Black” is bringing back some of the favorites from the show like “Crazy Eyes.”

Netflix has the complete “Orange is the New Black” first season available to view if you need to catch up on the prison dwellers' daily lives. You might want to refresh your mind as to where Chapman was as the first season came to a close. That is where Chapman gave her arch-enemy a brutal beating as the prison guard looked the other way.

Netflix has surprised many with this show which is considered HBO, Showtime or AMC worthy. It is great entertainment coming from a plot that was never done before on TV. Life inside a women’s prison as seen from the eyes of just a regular gal, one who is not hardened like her peers when she first enters the prison system.

Time in a women’s prison has put Chapman in a place where she needs to go with the flow or lose out, so she gets a little bit harder and wiser as each episode progresses. Engaged to a man on the outside, Chapman gets her fair share of romance when her ex-lesbian lover is also behind bars.

Chapman fought the urge at first, but she gives in and the two add some hot and steamy sex into the mix of the day to day activities of prison life. Check out the teaser trailer above if you need a shot of “Orange is the New Black,” as it’s been a while!

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