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Opinion: Pro-Putin Republicans put politics before America

Why are libertarian and conservatives supporting Putin's Hitler-esque vision?
Why are libertarian and conservatives supporting Putin's Hitler-esque vision?
Photo by Michael Buckner

Steven Seagal, one of the few prominent Hollywood conservatives, has joined the the pro-Putin caucus on the right. Other members of this dubious, traitorous group include Sen. Rand Paul, evangelical leader Franklin Graham, and Sen. Ted Cruz -- as well as liberal-tarians like Glenn Greenwald and possibly spy Ed Snowden.

The sudden love for the former Soviet KGB agent is about one thing and one thing only: the visceral, all-consuming hatred of the President by conservatives and libertarians and their willingness to undermine Americans for their own gain.

It is sad that they cannot put aside their personal animosity towards Obama long enough to support democracy and human rights against a tyrant who has aligned himself against these concepts.

It is shocking that Republicans will do and say anything to oppose Democrats -- even selling out American interests in deference to Putin's imperialism and homophobia.

Democrats eventually came to oppose the war in Iraq, but moderate and centrists initially gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt -- voting to authorize the war. All Democrats except an always-antiwar minority on the far left supported going after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Democrats did not blame Bush for the many embassy attacks that occurred on his watch, nor did liberals blame Ronald Reagan for the Beirut barracks bombing which killed 241 American servicemen. Democrats rightly blamed the terrorists and supported the President.

Not conservatives. Four Americans die in a terrorist attack on a CIA outpost in Benghazi, but Republicans excuse the terrorists and smear the President and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They refuse to give Obama, Biden, Hillary and others in the administration credit for getting rid of terrorist Libyan dictator Gaddafi. They won't give Obama the tools to fight Bashar Assad's Syrian genocide. Now conservatives are colluding with Russians against Ukraine and the U.S. Why? Because they hate Obama and the Clintons.

There is literally no depth to which objectivists and the right wing Tea Party types will not stoop in the name of petty politics.

Seagal, Graham, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, the other the pro-Putin anti-America conservatives, and their liberal-tarian buddies Snowden and Greenwald should become citizens of Russia so that the U.S. can move forward without their obstruction of progress and positive growth domestically or abroad.

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