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'Once Upon a Time': Why Swan Queen shippers should be annoyed

'Once Upon a Time' fans who ship Swan Queen should really hate Robin Hood
Lana Parrilla/Twitter

"Once Upon a Time" fans who want to see Swan Queen become a real thing probably won't get their happy ending, and they likely know this. The Emma/Hook storyline has irritated them to no end, and now they're having the Regina/Robin Hood romance shoved down their throats.

An April 27 report by Fem Pop points out that fans shouldn't just be annoyed that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) aren't finding love in each other's arms – they should also be upset that the writers are trying to appease them by setting Regina up with a male Emma. Fem Pop writes, "Robin is just a hyper-masculine clone of Emma Swan seemingly created to sink the Swan Queen ship."

This is an interesting observation. Emma and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) do both have thieving pasts, and they're both trying to raise kids who have lost a parent. However, the most important trait that they share is the bold way that they deal with Regina – neither one of them is afraid to stand up to the Evil Queen. It really is hard not to wonder if the writers tried to make Robin just a little like Emma in hopes of appeasing Swan Queen shippers.

To be fair, Emma's personality is what made Swan Queen shippers see her as a perfect match for Regina, so it's not surprising that Robin Hood is a bit like her. Unfortunately, Swan Queen was here first, so it's going to be hard for some "Once Upon a Time" fans to warm to the new pairing.

Hopefully they're doing a good job handling their heartbreak after that last episode. Regina and Robin shared a couple of kisses, and now they're practically dating. At least the writers were kind enough to throw a kink in the Emma/Hook storyline to soften the blow for Swan Queen supporters. Luckily for them, Emma just doesn't seem to be into Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) at all. Maybe Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is still the endgame for Emma – people don't exactly have a habit of staying dead on this show.

Neal has also sacrificed a lot more than Hook by giving up his life, and he did manage to get that very important message and memory potion to his baby mamma even though he was sharing a body with Rumple (Robert Carlyle). However, it might be nice for Emma to simply be single when "Once Upon a Time" ends – "Frozen" did show fairytale fans that happily ever after doesn't have to include a prince.

At least next week's episode might be light on the love stories that cause so much conflict. In the preview, we do get to see Emma and Hook, but it looks like the pirate is dead/unconscious. Maybe Emma beat the crap out of him for keeping the smooch spell that Zelena (Rebecca Mader) cast a secret and for trying to send her son on a sailing trip with Smee (Christopher Gauthier).

The Charming baby is also coming next week, and so is Dorothy Gale (Matreya Scarrwener). It looks like she uses water to melt the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader). Hopefully the water is magic—Zelena is way too powerful to have the same lame weakness as the original Wicked Witch and the aliens from "Signs."

Do you think Robin is just a male Emma replacement? And do you think that Dorothy will end up being related to some of the other characters on the show?

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