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On the scene: Laura Prepon celebrates her Bella Magazine cover in the Hamptons

Laura Prepon (R) and Lois Robbins (L) attend Laura's Bella Magazine cover in the Hamptons.
Laura Prepon (R) and Lois Robbins (L) attend Laura's Bella Magazine cover in the Hamptons.
Shaina M.

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, was on the scene for Actress Laura Prepon's Bella Magazine cover party at the Southampton Inn. The party was held on the lawn and there was a cute white tent, which featured pink and white decorations. The theme was all white and attendees did not disappoint, wearing their finest white attire. On the cover of Bella, Laura looks fabulous in an Etro Printed Techno Jersey Long Dress.

The music was great and there was also a live electronic violinist. Guests were able to enjoy 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt, mini donuts, grilled cheese and tomato juice and other fabulous light bites. "Foody Magician" Josh Beckerman impressed guests with tricks and we spotted LuAnn de Lesseps dancing and mingling. Andrea Adelstein of NY Lux Events produced the party and it was beautiful. Laura Prepon was incredibly gracious taking the time to pose for pictures with many guests and meet everyone.

Read our exclusive interview with "Orange is the New Black" star Laura Prepon from the party below:

Tell me the highlight of shooting this cover, was it a fun experience?

Laura Prepon: By the way, they said it was the best selling cover. Yeah it was amazing! Everyone that works at the magazine is so cool, so it was great!

What are your summer plans?

Laura Prepon: Right now I am shooting "Orange," and I am actually co-writing a book with Elizabeth Troy. Mainly I'm working on the show and we're doing Season 3.

What's the book about?

Laura Prepon: We can't say anything yet, but it's definitely going to change the way people think. It's about health in general and food.

What has been the highlight of playing Alex Vause?

Laura Prepon: Honestly, she's just such a badass, you know? She's so cool, I've never played anybody like her, she's really strong and fierce but she has these moments of vulnerability that are so real and so humbling. It's pretty incredible.

How do you think that Netflix releasing all of the episodes at once has impacted the success of the show?

Laura Prepon: I feel like people when they watch it, they watch it compulsively, and they get really really into the characters, and also people want to watch TV on their own time, they want to make their own schedules. It's not a coincidence that movie box office is down, people want to make their own schedules and watch what they want, when they want, and Netflix is making really amazing stuff.

Reflect on bonding with all of the actresses on the show.

Laura Prepon: It's amazing, it's rare when you get to work with this many incredible actresses and every day, it's just awesome! It's awesome.

Actress Lois Robbins who plays Mrs. Beaufrere in Meg Ryan's directorial debut "Ithica" was also in attendance. We spoke with her on the red carpet.

What do you love about summer in the Hamptons?

Lois Robbins: Everything! The beach, the sun, the air, being with friends, family time, all of it.

What are some of your favorite places to go in the Hamptons?

Lois Robbins: My backyard, the beach, Robert's for dinner, Pierre's for lunch, and I walk. I walk everywhere, I do a six mile walk from my house to Flying Point beach almost everyday.

You have a big project coming up with Meg Ryan. What can you tell us about it?

Lois Robbins: It's very exciting. It's probably the most exciting role I've ever done in a feature, because I get to work with her, and she's directing it. Tom Hank's company Playtone is producing it, and he's doing a cameo in the film. It's a period piece, it takes place in 1942, it's a remake of an old film called "Human Comedy" that was written by Saroyan. Its a beautiful story. It's a young boy's coming of age story and I play a woman who's in the middle of her party and I get a telegram of very bad news so it's a very very emotional scene and very exciting.

Presenting sponsors of the party included MedSpa44, Isabelle Armstrong Bridal and Evening wear, Juno Lucina Jewelry, VIP Travel Experience and Zip Aviation.

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