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Omaha! Steak Company wants Peyton Manning; ‘Omaha’ invades pop culture

Omaha! Omaha! Omaha! While fans watching Peyton Manning scream out the city on national television over the weekend laughed, the city in Nebraska has become a pop culture word. According to ABC News on Wednesday, the word “Omaha” was used 40 times at the line of scrimmage during Sunday's victory over the San Diego Chargers.

Now nobody is sure if the Denver Broncos quarterback was trying to confuse the Chargers or if he was signaling his team. That minor point doesn’t matter to the Omaha Steak Company who say they are considering offering the star quarterback an endorsement deal.

Peyton Manning is a famous celebrity off the field as well as on. Seen in Papa John commercials, the quarterback is immediately recognized as the man with the strong throwing arm. So this latest idea of having the quarterback pitch Omaha Steaks isn’t as far-fetched as people might think.

Of course Peyton Manning might want to explain what his reasoning for using the term on the NFL field might have been. People are curious and fans want to know in what context he was using the word. Until he does, when walking by a high school football field and hearing the word “Omaha” being screamed, make sure you look to see what is up. Maybe it isn’t a football game at all, but a big steak school barbeque!