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Old Spice mom ad: Creepy moms pine after sons who sprayed themselves into men

The Old Spice mom ad has just the right combination of creepy and humor to draw you in. Chances are you’ll relate to this Old Spice mom ad if you know of a mother whose apron strings are choking a young man somewhere, then you’ll really appreciate Old Spice’s sense of humor and the bizarre creepiness of this new ad.

Old Spice mom ad is just the right amount of creepy while also being hysterical to watch!
YouTube/ Old Spice mom ad

CNN reports on Jan. 7 that this Old Spice ad is getting quite the mixture of positive and negative reactions. It seems as if people are polarized in opinion with some saying “funny” and other saying that the ad is “creepy.” This new campaign comes along with an hysterical song that ties all of these bizarre clips together as all the moms sing this song while spying on their sons. The ad is seen in the video above.

The two sides to this debate of whether the Old Spice mom ad is “funny” or “creepy” are both right, as it really is very creepy to see a mother slither across the floor or dragged behind a vehicle in her clothes basket. At the same time you have to admit it’s comical seeing what these moms go through under their own accord, tying to keep their baby boys from growing up.

The campaign, called “Smellcome to Manhood” is a spoof on the way some moms out there treat their teenage sons. The new line of body sprays are turning teenage boys into men in this ad, which is the message they are trying to get across.

In the ad the kid likes this spray and all that comes with it, but the commercial focuses on all the reasons the moms won’t. The moms sing this bizarre songs as they spy on their teenage sons who just used the Old Spice body spray, but the fun comes in when you see where and how the mom’s spy!

The term “Old Spice” was tweeted over 50,000 times after the ad first ran during Sunday’s NFL playoff games. The video had 1 million views in just a couple of days. Check out the video above and yes, it is creepy, but the funny is in there somewhere too.

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