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Oklahoma shooting: University president calls it a false alarm

Oklahoma shooting denied by school president
Oklahoma shooting denied by school president
Nicholas Benson / Wikimedia Commons

An Oklahoma shooting had people in Norman in a panic on the morning of Jan. 22 when shots were reported fired at the University of Oklahoma. However, President David Boren sent out a message that claims that the shooting was a false alarm.

UPDATE (1:07 p.m. EST) - President David Boren came out to speak to members of the media and said there was no evidence that shots were fired but said they could not rule that out. He said that there were SWAT team members going through the building and that Gould Hall was evacuated within minutes after getting the call. He also said that Gould Hall has been completely searched and there was nothing found to show there was gunshots.

He said all campus operations resumed at noon, with the exception of Gould Hall where they are searching it again just in case.

He also talked about how he has been speaking to students through Twitter to keep everyone updated and safe. He also said it was reassuring that the police and SWAT were on the scene very quickly and that the students and faculty did their part perfectly.


The reports indicated that the shooting took place at the dorm Gould Hall and the students and faculty at the University were asked to immediately seek shelter. The news spread through Norman and all the elementary and high schools went into immediate lockdown.

According to sources at one elementary school, no adults are allowed in or out of the school as long as the lockdown is in effect but children are allowed to remain in the schools where they would remain safe.

The police arrived at the University of Oklahoma after the Oklahoma shooting was reported and began their investigation. According to President Boren, there was no evidence of a shooting and a student spoke to, letting us know that the lockdown on campus had already ended by 12:15 and only Gould Hall was still under lockdown.

The word is that there might have been something that backfired or popped in the building and that was what was mistaken as a gunshot. For now, reports indicate that there was no Oklahoma shooting and classes have resumed as usual on campus.

If there is any further news, this report will be updated to reflect on it.

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