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Ohio makes victim out of death row inmate

On Thursday, January 16, 2014, Ohio executed Dennis McGuire for crimes committed in 1989. According to the report, the lethal injection took 26 minutes to complete its work and in the process, the inmate made loud snorting noises. The inmates son, Dennis, said that it amounted to torture and that nobody deserved to die like that. The anti-death penalty group in Ohio, and other states as well, I'm sure, are calling for a moratorium on the death penalty and on the drugs used to affect the punishment.

Once again, our liberal media is trying make the criminal the victim. Where are the people saying that the crime he committed warranted the death penalty and that 26 minutes of suffering, if in fact he could feel anything, was nothing compared to the misery, torture and suffering he caused the woman, Joy Stewart and her unborn child, that he raped and stabbed to death in a cold-blooded murder in 1989?

Of course, she's forgotten because she's buried and gone. But let me give you some details to consider. She was 8 months pregnant. According to Dennis' testimony, she was not easy to rape the conventional way so he sodomized her. Then fearing she would tell the police he stabbed her. However, according to the autopsy report, the stab wound was not fatal so he stabbed her in the throat and she bled to death. Finished with her, he dumped her in the woods like a bag of garbage and sometime between that night and the next morning when she was discovered by hikers, lying in a pool of her own blood, her unborn baby died as well.

Yes, let us cry over the poor sod who may have suffered for 15 minutes - and we aren't sure if he felt anything - while we forget that Joy Stewart endured unthinkable torture for who knows how long at the hands of this man who considered human life of no more value than a bag of rubbish and thought that Joy Stewart and her unborn child were put on this earth for his exclusive perverted use. Yes, let's cry for him.

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