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Oh, Canada! Ce que l'enfer qui s'est passé pour vous?

Hailing from a French-Canadian background, some of my most treasured memories are visits to Pepé and Memé's big house at 3128 Sandwich Street.

Our Lady of the Assumption, Windsor, Ontario Photo:
Our Lady of the Assumption, Windsor, Ontario Photo:

I fondly remember our strolls down Riverside Drive every Sunday, as we headed for Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church. What a grand masterpiece she was!

The Drouillards were strict Roman Catholics back then. Every evening, at 7 p.m. sharp, we all knelt down to say the rosary in French.

Je vous salue Marie pleine de grâce, que le Seigneur est avec toi.

My mother (the historian in the family) told enchanting stories about the Drouillards' journey from France, to Montréal, and eventually to Windsor. When she spoke of Montréal, she seemed to drift off to some celestial, far-off place where I longed to go.

The first devoutly-Catholic French settlement in Montréal was placed under the protection of Our Blessed Mother and named “Ville-Marie de Montreal.” In my young mind, Montréal—and all of Canada, really—were an untouchable piece of heaven on earth.

My lifelong delusions have been shattered, however. It appears that Vatican II has turned my magical place into road kill, leaving me with a broken heart and only one mournful question: "Oh, Canada! Ce que l'enfer qui s'est passé pour vous?"

Canada, it seems, has its own Nancy Pelocis, John Kerrys, Ted Kennedys and Joe Bidens. These soulless individuals have become so engulfed in their demonic connection, that they blatantly flaunt their utter bastardization of the Catholic Faith to the world.

Their lack of shame strongly illustrates just how deeply the great deceiver has taken over their lives. It is difficult, however, to lack all compassion for these lost souls. For their political fame and overflowing bank accounts will do them little good when God asks them, "Why did you slaughter my little angels?"

And who is to blame? Is it the fault of these pathetic creatures, who have been so thoroughly deceived by he, whom they have chosen to adore? Or is it the fault of Catholics everywhere, for not beating them back with a big, fat stick?

Justin Trudeau, (1) son of ultra-liberal Pierre Trudeau, is just such a soulless creature who dares to mock God. In April of last year, Trudeau was elected as the new leader of the Liberal Party by a landslide, reflecting the masses of people who embrace the liberal, anything-goes lifestyle.

In early May, he stated that anyone in the Liberal Party who is not pro-choice (2) should be careful not to let the door hit them in the derriere on the way out. “I have made it clear," Trudeau said, "that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills.”

One cannot help but wonder what/who drives someone to so fiercely defend the slaughter of innocent children. Interestingly, for a politician whose main concern is the "freedom of choice" for his constituents, he doesn't seem to give a rat's patooty about the MP's (member of parliament) choice to vote according to their own conscience.

Like the pseudo Catholics in our own Congress and Senate, he is a hypocrite. The saddest thing, however, is that he would be out of a job if there weren't so many other hypocrites out there supporting him.

Sudbury, Ontario was in an uproar (3) in December of 2012, when Trudeau was scheduled to speak about student leadership at a Catholic high school. Seriously, is there anyone so stupid that they cannot see how damaging it is to young minds to affirm such a spiritual deviate?

Well, apparently there is.

Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, (4) bishop of Sault Ste. Marie, responded to horrified parents that Trudeau is “not estranged from the Church in any way” and insisted that this talk by a pro-death, pro-gay marriage, pro-euthanasia purported "Catholic" will be an inspiration to the students.

Oh it will be an inspiration alright. It will inspire students to be hypocrites, to give in to the temptation of taking the easy road and to throw away their Catholic faith.

Strangely (or hypocritically if you like), in 2003, when Paul Martin—who was publicly in favor of gay marriage—ran for the liberal prime minister seat, Plouff was singing a different tune. (5) ''I would expect that a Catholic politician would not push away his Catholic convictions because he's a politician,'' Plouffe said.

Soooo, which is it, "Bishop"?

"But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth." (6)

I'd never set eyes on Michael Coren before I watched his video, (7) but I'd like to shake his hand—and maybe even buy him lunch! As I watched his monolog on Justin Trudeau in 2012, I vacillated between howling with laughter and quiet admiration.

Coren is a hero, a man of courage who cares not what the public thinks of him. Fearlessly, he expressed his blunt opinion of Trudeau's hypocrisy to thousands of Canadian viewers. He was not afraid to say what he believed and then to defend those beliefs regardless of the consequences.

The bishop, I can only assume he's naïve, responded that Trudeau was "married in a Catholic church and is a faithful Catholic." Well the fact is that he should not have been allowed to be married in a Catholic church because he's not a Catholic and the idea that he is, is simply absurd!

But none of this should come as any surprise. While there are many wonderful and faithful bishops, there are others who, tragically, are out of touch or out of place. I'm sorry, but that is the truth of it.

Coren even took on the Catholic school system. After having been informed once myself, by an ex-student at UofD High School in Detroit (taught by Jesuits) that their instructor was teaching them how to masturbate, I struggle to see the difference between public schools and the Novus Ordo.

Coren and I are apparently in complete agreement.

As for Catholic schools, ho-ho-ho-ho! Take a look at the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA)—"Oecta"—the OECTA 2012 annual conference resolutions. Seldom when I saw this, and had I seen such a stew of self-importance, misplaced grandeur and juvenile leftism.

But a background first. In Ontario, as well as most of Canada, state funded Catholic education is generally about as Catholic as an Orange Lodge meeting in East Belfast—not everywhere, but many—most. Non-Catholics assume that eager little papists are indoctrinated into the Roman faith, but ah! if only this was the case!

The vast majority of Catholic teachers—certainly in Ontario—while often decent and dedicated, are non-practicing and even anti-Catholic Church. They're divorced, gay, they abort, they use contraceptives, they live together, they never attend Mass, they reject Catholic teaching, indifferent or even hostile to the religion they're supposed to be part of.

Coren pointed out Trudeau's passionate opposition to some of the Catholic Church's most profound teachings, repeating his opinion that Trudeau should not be allowed in the school.

But I'll tell you most informed Catholics are not surprised that it happened. What has surprised me is that the bishop—many bishops would have just said, "no." You would hope that a bishop would say, "This is wrong." But they're in a tough situation. Often the schools won't listen to them, but the bishop there, who—I don't know the man—I mean no disrespect, I have great reverence for his role, his office, but they cannot publicly just support Justin Trudeau—to say that he's a faithful Catholic. He's not. He's not.

As "luck" would have it, the day of Trudeau's scheduled appearance, the weather was so bad that the school buses were cancelled and only approximately 100 children showed up for school, instead of the anticipated one thousand.

God: 1, Heretics: 0


(6) Revelations 3:16-18