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Off the record: Ordinary citizens express strong opinions

Citizen ire is growing once again.
Citizen ire is growing once again.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Beneath the radar screen of the mainstream media and even the alternative media, ordinary citizens who are never asked or consulted about public policy and new laws have very strong opinions concerning these issues nonetheless.

Recently several of these citizens told National Conservative Examiner that it is as if their opinions do not matter, that their views are unimportant, and that the movers and shakers in Washington increasingly see them as nothing more than a roadblock to a malevolent agenda for the nation.

The mainstream media took much of the lumps as these citizens, from every walk of life, complained that they cannot trust traditional news sources to tell the truth or give them the straight story on current events without attempting to sway public opinion with a distinctive slant that favors a "progressive" agenda.

The term "progressive" is misleading due to the fact that those who use the term to describe their political and social views tend to be regressive, opting for dictatorial powers for government.

One of these citizens, who requested anonymity, is a medical doctor. He stated,

"The news media led the public relations front for Obama in getting Obamacare enacted into law. Many of us screamed bloody murder that the law would be a disaster but to no avail. Attempts to talk to reporters on the record were met with silence or excuses as to why they could not interview us. And now look at what's happened. This thing is a scourge and will only get worse as time passes."

Another citizen chimed in,

"And now look at what they gave us with this new law. Most people are getting less coverage but at a higher price. Tough restrictions are now in place concerning critical care and chemotherapy that will leave many citizens out in the cold with no recourse. The death panels were no lie."

These Americans who work hard, pay their taxes, and do their duty as they were taught not only were exceptionally frustrated by the news media and Obamacare but by a plethora of issues that have led most of them to take a dim view of the country's future.

In these areas the citizens reflect the views of most Americans in all of the recent polls -- most expect things to get worse for the country, most view government as a direct threat to their freedoms, and Democrats as well as Republicans are held in disdain.

Polls have shown that the number of Americans who identify themselves as politically independent is at an all-time high. At the same time the majority of citizens view both Democrats and Republicans as woefully ineffective in dealing with the nation's problems.

But if this particular group is indicative of a national trend, this does not automatically translate into actual votes for independent or third party candidates.

"Right now," stated one school teacher forthrightly, "I think both Democrats and Republicans share in the blame for the mess we're in. But it is often difficult to vote for a third party candidate or an independent. Many of them are downright kooky and frightening."

When the subject turned to gun rights, the citizens in one accord were adamant that the Second Amendment is more important than ever. A business owner declared, "We now know what our Founders meant when they said that the original purpose of the Second Amendment was to defend against tyranny in our own government."

Another said,

"Gun rights were the very first of the rights the colonists insisted on, even before they had secured free speech or freedom of religion. Had it not been for the guns they used against the British army, we would have never gained the power to declare our rights in other areas."

"Washington needs to know that if things go too far, there is a vast army of citizens out here who are well armed, multimillions of citizens," asserted a female photographer who trained to get her concealed carry license and continues to regularly visit the firing range.

"And women seem to be leading the way on the current march to become armed," she asserted.

But when it came to issues such as border security, immigration, foreign policy, and such, the citizens expressed deep concern and even some fear.

"The borders are wide open," said one ex-military who now works in computer technology, "And this means that in all likelihood foreign terrorists have already passed over our borders into the country and are lying in wait to strike."

Others went further to insist that one of the top priorities of Washington right now should be to secure the borders by any means necessary. "A nation cannot have a secured and safe environment unless it has control over its borders," several contended. Another idea put forth was to reduce drastically the number of new immigrants who are allowed into the country.

"And we sure don't need to accept new citizens who are so willing to break our laws as soon as they get here," said another in reference to illegal aliens.

The Middle East and the Muslim world were sources of great concern for these Americans. "It seems that this president has done nothing but create a mess over there," stated one. "The entire region is imploding," insisted another. But perhaps the strongest of the opinions offered on this issue came from a female nurse:

"I think Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was a disaster. Barack Obama is a disaster. They act like a bunch of amateurs on the world stage. There is no comfort in that when the people we are dealing with are so adept at manipulating public opinion all over the world."

When asked what they would do to address all of these issues, various answers were given, ranging from wresting control of education away from government and placing it back in the hands of parents, the ability to use the recall even for a president, and a way for citizens to override a bad decision by the courts.

Several mentioned the new bestseller by Mark Levin, "The Liberty Amendments," which they contend contains some very good ideas that should be considered. Others, though not as many, mentioned nullification as a way for the states to nullify federal laws.

But the main point was that something needs to be done to clean up the Washington mess and to prevent this from happening ever again.


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