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Occupy protester warns of civil war, threatens home invasion of RNC attendees

In a video posted Saturday at, an Occupy protester warned of civil war and threatened to invade the homes of those attending the Republican convention.

Occupy protester threatens home invasion of RNC Convention attendees.

Police on bicycles held protesters back as convention goers walked past silently.

Activists screamed and taunted the Republicans and one "flipped off" convention attendees who said nothing. "F**k you," he yelled as they walked by.

"You're on the wrong side of history," one activist yelled.

"We are the coming insurrection," screamed a mask-wearing Occupier.

"Prepare for the civil war, jacka**es," screamed the protester who was seen giving obscene gestures earlier in the video.

"I'll be coming in your houses," he added.

After making the statement, the protester noticed the camera pointed at him, and attempted to block its view, but was too late.

"Do not put that on camera," he said.

Occupy RNC had hoped for a much larger turnout and were disappointed at what the Daily Caller called "the lack of open discussion between protesters and Republican leadership."

Protesters were seen sobbing as the convention drew to a close.

"The mood on the scene was subdued and quiet. It was clear the weeklong demonstration had come to a close, and the camp wasn’t celebrating a victory but mourning a missed opportunity," the Daily Caller added.

Democrats, including DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz and President Obama, have expressed support for the anti-capitalist movement, joining the Communist Party USA and Islamist groups like Hezbollah.

More on Occupy Wall Street at can be found here.


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