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Obese German shepherd available for adoption to active home

German shepherds typically weigh 66 to 88 pounds; Whopper weighs in at 182 pounds and needs a great home to help him regain his boyish figure.
Nebraska Humane Society

Too often rescued dogs are starving and undernourished; this time, however meet Whopper, a beautiful, white German shepherd mix who weighs in at a "whopping" 182 pounds.

The Nebraska Humane Society states this gentle giant is eight-years-old and will need a home who can help him shed 100 pounds with a controlled diet and exercise.

Overweight dogs are a fairly common problem. Although Whopper's condition is extreme, veterinarians warn owners that obesity in dogs is extremely detrimental to their health. An owner should be able to palpate the ribs and feel the backbone of a healthy dog in good weight. The dog should have a noticeable "waist" between the back of his rib cage and hips.

Need ways to help Fido get back his boyish figure?

  • Remove dogs from the room while the family eats at the table to avoid "those under the table" accidental treats.
  • Feed Fido several small meals during the day of a quality dog food specifically adjusted to his dietary needs.
  • Give all meals and treats to Fido in his own bowl.
  • Reduce the amount of treats and reward that beautiful furry pal with love, hugs, and positive words.
  • Always consult your veterinarian before putting Fido on a diet.

Like humans, dogs gain weight from too much food and not enough exercise. Get out there and play with your dog; it does wonders for both of you.

Interested in helping Whopper and being his best friend?

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Contact the Nebraska Humane Society by clicking here.

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