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Obamacare Killed My Group Health Plan!

First Barack Obama lied multiple times over a three-year span by telling people over and over again that if they liked their health care plan then they could keep their health care plan. That lie has now been widely reported and Obama's credibility has been widely, well, discredited. However, now people are starting to realize that the 'keep your health plan' lie from Obama was just the first of many.

For example, Obama, his press secretary Jay Carney, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel and numerous other Obama surrogates have been repeatedly saying for the past few weeks that the first lie only affects the 5% of so people who have bought plans on the individual insurance market. Obama even said during his so-called apology interview with NBC's Chuck Todd that it was a "small percentage of folks who may be disadvantaged."

But it is not just a small percentage of 'folks', as Obama likes to call Americans when he pretends to act like he is just like them, who may lose their current insurance plans. It is a much higher percentage, likely even a majority of current insurance holders. And it is certainly not just those in the individual market. For example, my company recently had all three of the health plans that we offer to our employees cancelled because of Obamacare.

The letters we received from our insurance company read in part, "Providing you affordable quality health care options is our highest priority. That's why we're giving you advanced notice that when your 2014 renewal occurs, your non-grandfathered [plan] will no longer be offered."

According to Obama and his surrogates, the plans we offered our employees were "substandard" plans. And yet, despite having employees who had babies, major injuries, serious illnesses, etc., we never had a single complaint from a single employee about the quality of our health plans. One of our plans was a lower-cost plan and the other two were higher-cost. That mix worked out well for our company with most of the younger employees selecting the low-cost plan while older and higher-paid employees tended to select the more expensive plans.

We are also not alone in this predicament. The company where I work is a non-profit organization which tends to be predominantly occupied by liberals. In fact, I basically feel like the lone Libertarian in a sea of liberals. And our company is in an informal partnership with other liberal organizations and we all sometimes seek advice from one another.

Recently the human resources director of one of these partner organizations send out an email after learning that her company's health plans were also being cancelled. After explaining the strains that healthcare costs were putting on the company, she suggested pushing their employees into the healthcare exchanges by writing, "Many of our employees can get much better coverage for much less on the Exchange (this is even before applying any tax credits and subsidies). We want to keep providing some kind of “financial help” to pay for premiums, deductibles etc."

Now correct me if I am wrong, but does that idea not sound extremely similar to Paul Ryan's idea for Medicare reform? Ryan wanted to get rid of government-provided insurance and instead provide 'premium support' payments to seniors with which they could buy their own insurance in the private insurance market. So the fact that a liberal-leaning colleague would have the same idea seemed a bit odd. I wanted to respond by asking that human resources director if she also wanted to throw all of her employees off a cliff, but I decided to refrain.

But no Americans should refrain from pointing out the truth the next time they hear Obama or others suggest that only a small percentage of people are losing their health care plans. Fortunately, others are starting to catch on to this latest lie. Andrew McCarthy wrote a great piece about it today in which he linked to a very informative article by Avik Roy from last Friday. I mentioned this fact myself a couple of weeks ago when writing about Obama's initial 'Lie of the Millennium.'

McCarthy also points out that Obama's own Justice Department was filing a motion in October which stated that the "majority of group health plans" would be 'transitioned' into compliance with Obamacare (aka - cancelled) by the end of 2013 at the same time Obama was going around defending his 'keep your plan' promise and contending it only affected a small percentage of plans. This is reminiscent of when Obama 'rejected the notion' that Obamacare's individual mandate was a tax and then later his Justice Department argued that it was a tax in front of the Supreme Court.

As the lies pile up, more and more Americans are left without health insurance. Approximately 5 million have lost their coverage since October 1st while barely 100 thousand have been able to obtain it. Obamacare is worse than a house of cards. It is simply a house of lies which was created and sold from a White House of lies.

Rob Binsrick

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