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Obama to blame Congress for his own unilateral action on amnesty

Obama to blame Congress for ruling like dictator on immigration.
Obama to blame Congress for ruling like dictator on immigration.
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Barack Obama's presidency will be remembered for two things -- his executive actions and his tendency to blame everyone and everything else for his own failures and actions. On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that Obama will blame Congress for executive actions he takes on immigration.

According to the AP, the White House intends to argue that Congress didn't provide enough resources to fully enforce the law, thereby giving wide latitude to the administration to prioritize deportation of some 11.5 million illegal immigrants. Republicans, the AP added, are also working to see what steps they can take to prevent Obama from essentially ruling like a dictator on immigration, something Democrats like Luiz Gutierrez have demanded for some time.

In June, Obama told immigration activists that "if Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours." In short, if Congress doesn't pass amnesty in his time frame, then Obama would take action on his own.

Part of that action would include halting deportation for millions of illegal immigrants. The move would dramatically expand a 2012 Obama program that delayed prosecutions for those illegally brought to the county as children.

At this point, it's unclear what Obama will do or how far he'll go to appease his open-borders supporters. What is clear is his intent to announce something prior to Labor Day before leaving for Estonia and Wales. But, the AP said, a series of international crises have pushed the announcement back.

White House spokesman Shawn Turner said that whatever Obama does, it will be "rooted in a solid legal foundation." But, the AP said, Obama's actions will "almost surely be challenged in court."

But Obama may have undermined his own case, the AP added, saying that he's the president, not a king and "can't just make the laws up by myself." But that hasn't stopped him from declaring he has a "pen and a phone," while changing Obamacare, or taking other unilateral actions on a variety of issues. Time and again, Obama has shown he is not above ruling like Judge Dredd when it suits him.

In February, for example, the administration bypassed Congress with new exemptions that would allow immigrants who provided “limited material support” to terrorists into the country. As we reported last June, Obama is relying on executive fiat and regulatory action in his war on the coal industry. Last July, Obama waived congressional restrictions and ordered $148 million to the Palestinian Authority, claiming it was in the “national security interests” of the United States. On Wednesday, we reported that Obama is seeking to enact an international agreement on climate change while bypassing the Senate.

Now, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said, Obama is "threatening to rewrite our immigration laws unilaterally." If that happens, he promised House Republicans would "hold him accountable."

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