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Obama team doubles down on lie in defense of Obamacare

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One of the architects of the new Obamacare law appeared on The Kelly File Monday on Fox News during which he repeated the latest lie being floated by the Obama administration and Democrats on the Hill that the problems with the new law are to be blamed on the insurance companies and not the law itself.

Jonathan Gruber, an economics professor at MIT and one of the architects of the Obamacare law, was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on her show last evening.

Kelly confronted Gruber with the latest poll numbers indicating that a whopping 76 percent of those polled blame Obamacare for big changes in their insurance plans, which will result in much higher premiums and mind-boggling out of pocket deductibles.

Gruber stated flatly at one point, "They (the public) are wrong."

The Obama team prefers to blame the health insurance industry for the current mega-mess that the so-called Affordable Care Act has created, in spite of the fact that the the Act itself is the thing that forced insurance companies to make changes.

Gruber further stated that Obama did not lie when he said that if Americans like their current doctors and healthcare plans, they can keep them, in spite of the fact that 6 million citizens have now lost their doctors and healthcare plans due directly to Obamacare.

According to Gruber,

It's the health insurance companies that are to blame. The only thing they would have had to do was to change their plans to come up to the minimum level of coverage as defined by the Obamacare law, and their customers would have been able to keep their plans and their doctors.

Time for a serious fact-check.

The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress first said that the "grandfather clause" would have enabled citizens to keep their plans and their doctors had those plans not been changed by the insurance companies. But since they made changes after the Obamacare law was passed, they were not eligible to be grandfathered in.

But now the administration lackeys are saying that the insurance companies should have changed their plans to reflect new Obamacare standards, thereby insuring that customers would not lose their plans. What Gruber and others like him conveniently leave out of the fraudulent explanation is that if the insurance companies had upgraded to comply to new Obamacare standards, the costs of those plans to the insured would skyrocket.

So, 6 million customers lost their plans and their doctors because the insurance companies changed the terms of their plans. But if only the insurance companies had changed the terms of their plans, no one would have lost their insurance or doctors. To whom, may I ask, does this circular reasoning make sense?

And this "Gruber" is a college professor at MIT? We sure are flying high in America today if the elitists in intelligentsia can state this kind of blatant contradictory balderdash with a straight face.

It's the insurance companies' fault because they changed their plans. But if only had they changed their plans no one would have been dropped. That is some top flight "reasoning" and "logic" there, "Dr." Gruber.

With this so-called reasoning, no matter what the insurance companies do they were slated to get the blame. If they change their plans as Obamacare mandates, customers would lose their insurance. If they keep their plans the same, they would not meeting minimum standards, and their customers would lose their insurance.

One way or another, the customer is left without health insurance, and the insurance companies would get the blame. No matter that had the federal government kept its all-intrusive and oppressive big nose out of our healthcare to begin with, none of this would have happened.

Further, Judicial Watch (JW) today issued a report that proves everything Gruber and other Obama lackeys are saying in defense of Obamacare is patently false.

According to JW,

According to those states that have responded to date, hundreds of thousands of formerly insured individuals have had their insurance policies cancelled or non-renewed due to Obamacare mandates. Contradicting claims by the White House and leading congressional Democrats, the records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that many insurance carriers specifically cite the new requirements of the ACA as a central factor in their decision, and even inform their policyholders as much.

The records from states were received by JW in response to a series of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by JW. These records show that the excuses being offered by the Obama administration and Democrats on the Hill are blatantly false:

According to requirements the administration had written into the law from the very beginning, the Obama administration knew that 40 to 67 percent of customers will not be able to keep their policies. The information Judicial Watch is gathering state-by-state bears that out. These snapshots of information show that Obamacare is causing a national health insurance crisis that demands immediate action.

No matter what excuses are given by the Obama team and Congressional Democrats, no matter what lies are told to fool the public, no matter what falsehoods are concocted to cover up previous lies, the public in overwhelming numbers are now onto the fraud that is Obamacare. The program, the signature achievement of Barack Obama, was sold to the public with fraudulent claims and is now being propped up by fraudulent claims.

This means that the 51 percent of Americans who voted for this fraud were duped. And now, not only do those who were duped have egg all over their faces, but the rest of us who saw the fraud way back as far as 2007 are being forced to suffer for the haphazard, mindless choices of our fellow citizens.


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