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Obama's Putin policy – unaffected, fecked or feckless?

When Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine's Crimean peninsula arch-neocon Republican Sen. John McCain blamed President Barack Obama's "feckless foreign policy" for allowing it to happen.

Sen. John McCain dropped the F-bomb on President Obama's foreign policy towards Putin's occupation of the Ukraine.

As though "we" had lost "our" peninsula.

It reminded earlier generations of how old McCain-style Cold Warriors insisted that "we" had lost China to the Communists after World War II, as though China had been "our" country to lose.

But McCain's charge against Obama sent more people of all ages charging off to their Wiktionaries to find out what "feckless" means.

Feckless, they would have learned, means "witless, weak or ineffective; worthless; irresponsible; indifferent; lazy."

Which immediately raises the question; if feckless means all of that does "feck" mean just the opposite? If the President's foreign policy had feck would it mean he was "witful, unweak or effective; worthy; responsible; different; unlazy?"

Feck, we are informed, has several vernacular meanings and variations deriving from its Hiberno-English, Scots and Middle English origins.

Under this etymology feck is an alteration of that socially unacceptable word having the letter u in place of the e in feck and typically appearing in print as f**k or f__k.

Since feck derives partially from Scots and at least one source identifies the name "McCain" as a variant of Scottish "McKean" that must have been the definition to which Senator McCain was referring.

He was calling the president a fecker.

But that could be said of several recent presidents.

There were persistent but unproven rumors that President Kennedy had a policy of fecking Marilyn Monroe, although Marilyn wasn't foreign unless one considers that she came from Texas.

And of course President Carter had feck in his heart. Or as he put it in his infamous Playboy Magazine interview, "I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times."

President Clinton's policy was to commit feck under his desk in the oval office many times.

President Reagan, on the other hand, dozed off at his desk in the oval office many times. He, apparently, had a feckless domestic policy as there is no evidence that he ever fecked any of the White House domestic staff.

Further analysis will be required to determine if President Obama's foreign policy is all fecked up.

By now the point of this article should be clear: It was a slow news day at the Libertarian News Examiner's desk.

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