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Obama’s liberals leeching on you

Bill Maher's liberal show Real time with Bill Maher
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Liberals, “liberal leeches” (you heard it here first) are taking away the American dream under the guise that the government will take care of you. Centuries ago leeches were used by physicians but it was proven bad medicine like Obamacare. For the past 20 years these leeches have been changing the norms and mores through the biased media. This Friday U.S. Rep David Schweikert was scorned because one of his aides sent an email saying Politics Is Not for Pansies! Attend The Garden Party!

The great American hero John Wayne told it like it was and he called a pansy a pansy. Today’s news made the depiction that NFL’s Michael Sam’s late draft selection to elicit sympathy for his gay status. This is manipulation of our Country’s moral fiber and attitudes. Some graduates are taking a stand.

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these there areas, America will collapse from within.” Joseph Stalin and or Vladimir Lenin said.

Can you see that these areas have all been under attack? Most recently from the highest level; we’ve been taken in by our President. How? Obama studied “rules for radical change” and then taught classes committed to social change prior to his presidential run but used these tenets in his platform in 2008. He has since make sweeping changes through his media influence in American’s thinking.

One of the largest platforms used by liberal leeches is the “political correctness.” Bill Maher is a crusader for this in his program for the Democratic Party and liberals but in his latest show he had an anti-Islamist rant that the media won’t cover. This proves that attacking Islam isn’t part of their plan however attacking Christians is.

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