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Obama’s incompetence isn’t news

Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

Somebody tell Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza that Obama’s incompetence isn’t news. (I just did.) That has been reported by the Politics Examiner since 2010. First, it was a gentle offer of advice about how to improve his management approach. After a series of installments about that, and offering specific advice by example, his ears turned off and became as deaf as my own. I am deaf, but at least I can read.

President Obama’s greatest failing is by not having appointed superior cabinet members, with the exception of a few who have all fled. It is no wonder the Republicans dragged their heels at approving them, but sadly they eventually capitulated.

President Obama turns out to be a one man band, who sometimes shows up, and other times he zones out.

He is a man who is addicted to campaigning. When he leaves office, there will have to be an intervention to redirect his energy. Of course, he may become impeached and that would be the intervention.

Being on the Democrats mailing list the entire cabinet has been on its knees to beg for campaign donations in his name. Paul Begala practically cried in asking what’s wrong? What’s wrong is the President and his leadership, or lack thereof. This isn’t working.

At a time when Republicans can barely hold themselves together, it is not time to try to brand the entire party as being the Obama party. No, that’s wrong. Put some beef on the Democrat party. Maybe one reason why Hillary is lurking and smirking on the sidelines, is she knows that the fish rots from the head down and there are some real stinkers in the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch.

You can have only one president at a time. Maybe Joe Biden should come back into the picture to provide some stability. Just remind him to forget the jokes.

“The numbers on the competence question are even more troubling when you see it through the prism of the 2014 midterm electorate -- an electorate that is likely to be whiter and older than the one that re-elected Obama in 2012. Among white voters, 70 percent said that "can manage the government effectively" is not a trait they would ascribe to Obama. Among voters 50 and older, 62 percent say that Obama can't manage the government effectively. Eighty-nine percent of Republicans say Obama isn't a competent manager while 76 percent of Democrats say he is. Two-thirds of independents say that Obama isn't an effective manager of the government.”

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