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Obama's approval still higher than Bush's was at this point during his 2nd term

Barack Obama is still polling ahead of George W. Bush during his second term in office.
Barack Obama is still polling ahead of George W. Bush during his second term in office.
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President Obama has watched his approval dip lately and the trend line has looked like a nauseating roller coaster ride over the last year. Though the president would prefer his approval to be higher, it's not nearly as bad as the man he followed.

President Obama's approval rating is now sitting in the mid 40's. Gallup's poll from February 17-23 found President Obama's approval at just 45 percent and dipped the following week to 42 percent. The right leaning Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll polled President Obama's approval at 51 percent at the end of February and has fluctuated from 47 percent to 51 percent ever since.

While an approval of mid 40s to low 50s isn't exactly ideal, considering the slow recovery from the recession, the overall low approval of Congress and Washington and general distrust of government on the rise, President Obama should actually be somewhat pleased. Things could be worse, and you don't have to look to far to see why.

Comparing President Obama's current approval with that of George W. Bush during this time of his presidency is a sight to see. According to Gallup, George W. Bush was polling at only 38 percent at this time during his presidency. That number didn't improve and slowly dropped to the low 30s throughout much of 2007 and the early part of 2008. Following the financial collapse in September of 2008, Bush watched as his approval rating continued to fall, hitting rock bottom in the middle of October with only 25 percent of the American people approving of his job performance. Bush was able to regain some trust but still left office with a 34 percent job approval.

President Obama still has some work to do to regain the trust of the majority of the American people, but considering how the last president fared, he seems to be in solid shape.