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Obama's 10-point plan to destroy America

President Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama.
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A foundational principle that has always guided the progressive/collectivist movement is that you never inform the citizens of the real reasons behind what you are doing. Always tell the public, "This is for your own good. It will make life better. It will make America better."

The real motivation behind the progressive/collectivist movement, however, is dark, foreboding, oppressive, and evil. The issue is power and control. Nothing more, nothing less.

Barack Obama came along almost out of nowhere in 2007 to offer up a bill of goods to the public. He told them he was all about hope and change. Making things better for all. Spreading the wealth around. Most voters bought it. But it did not take long to discover they had been duped.

Obama now has a reputation for selling the public a bill of goods based upon complete falsehoods. In fact, when one looks objectively at his statements over a five year period, it is clear that the one thing Americans can count on is that if Obama says it, you can be assured that the opposite is true.

His goal is unbridled power. He has demonstrated this goal time and again, ignoring Congress, attempting to usurp the power that only Congress possesses to write, rewrite, or change legislation. And nothing thus far in his actions have made America any better whatsoever.

Recently a conversation took place with someone "in the know." The disclosures that were made are shocking, not that we as reporters have never heard them before but that confirmation was given that a plan does exist to change the flow of power away from Congress and toward the executive branch.

In order to accomplish this feat, Obama and his ilk believe that America as we know it must be destroyed and something totally different must be put in its place. This allegation makes complete rational sense given what we know about Obama's lifelong closest associates and friends.

Who has ever been in Obama's intimate inner circle of trusted friends and advisers who is not what we once called "subversive, leftwing radicals" who want to destroy America and implement a Marxist model of government? Name one. Bill Ayers? Nope. Bernardine Dohrn? Nope. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Nope. Code Pink's Jodie Evans? Nope. Valerie Jarrett? Nope. Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel? Don't make me laugh.

None of these closest allies have ever been considered mainstream or "normal" but some of the most extremist radicals in America.

But one thing they all have advocated is the dismantling of the American Republic and its Constitution in order to usher in a new society built on the principles of Karl Marx as taught by disciples such as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, and others.

According to insiders deep within the bowels of government and who may or may not be involved there today, Obama's 10-point plan to destroy America is as follows, along with a check, or "in process," or "pending" designation so that readers can gauge how much progress Obama has made in reaching this ultimate goal.

Goal One -- Destroy the current healthcare system so that government can have much greater control over it. If you can't get total government control, then settle for a hybrid that includes health insurance companies -- for now. But this is only temporary. In order to control the lives of citizens you must control their healthcare. (CHECK).

Goal Two -- Prop up with tax dollars and bailouts huge international corporations in banking and mortgages, investments, and other sectors. These monopolistic monoliths will be needed as valuable allies to the government as more control is exercised over the lives of citizens. This is how the Nazis dominated Germany. Huge German corporations helped them. And to this very day such a philosophy of government walking hand in hand with big business is a central feature of Fascism or Nazism. (CHECK).

Goal Three -- Weaken private property rights by using government regulations to intrude on property owners. Use whatever means possible, such as EPA regulations that protect blind, microscopic bugs found on your property. The ultimate goal is to gradually acclimate citizens to the notion that they have no property rights. (CHECK).

Goal Four -- Use the tragic acts of armed criminals to cast aspersions on the integrity and honor of gunowners who have never used their firearms illegally. Citizens must be forcibly disarmed in order for collectivists to have complete control over a society. (IN PROCESS).

Goal Five -- Gradually suggest to the public that government has the "right" to silence free speech when necessary, stop the people from free assembly, scale back religious freedom, and intimidate a free press unless it reports only the news that is to the liking of the regime. This is also done by gradual acclimation. (CHECK).

Goal Six -- Regularly tell the citizens that they should have "no reasonable expectation of privacy." Make sure citizens are carefully monitored by any means necessary, including listening in on phone calls, monitoring GPS movements, etc. Most of the methods government has used to encroach on the privacy of citizens have not been disclosed to the public. But this website tells it all in great detail, along with concrete examples. (CHECK).

Goal Seven -- Use the power of government agencies, such as the IRS, to intimidate and harass citizens who oppose the president and his administration. The goal here is to weaken such individuals and groups. (CHECK).

Goal Eight -- Drastically weaken the U.S. military, particularly in the realm of conventional warfare. Our military is still strong when it comes to high tech operations, black ops, short missions, and so forth. But could we fight a conventional war against a country like China? The answer is NO! And China is making moves that leave the impression that they have a desire to seize the Japanese Islands. If they did so, the U.S. could not stop them other than the use of a nuclear bomb, which would set off a deadly global catastrophe. We need strong conventional forces every bit as much as the other stuff. But Obama is cutting it all to the bare bones. And remember, my friends, having adequate national defense is the one function of government outside of the three branches of government that is specifically mandated by the Constitution. (IN PROCESS).

Goal Nine -- Implement United Nations proposals as official public policy, even when they violate the Constitution. This is the perfect ruse by which to strengthen the programs of radical Islamists who sit on major committees and Marxist nations who wield enormous power. And by adopting U.N. proposals the progressives can slip in their collectivist goals through the back door method. (IN PROCESS).

Goal Ten -- Under the guise of "immigration reform," open the flood gates to illegal aliens, giving them the benefits of citizenship, including free education, free healthcare, Obamacare, food stamps, welfare, the works. They will show their appreciation by supporting Marxist oriented politicians. (PENDING).

Six out of 10 listed above received a check, meaning they have been done. Three more are "in process." Only one is "pending." This means that the current regime has either implemented or is in the process of implementing nine out of the 10 point plan to destroy America.


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