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Obama parade float: Outhouse with Obama zombie on parade float raises stink

An Obama parade float in the Norfolk, Neb. Fourth of July Parade has gained national attention for its creativeness and for what some believe is disrespect to the nation’s president. On the back of a flatbed truck stood an outhouse titled “Obama Presidential Library” along with a dummy dressed as a zombie Obama standing outside of this outhouse rolling down the main street in Norfolk, according to the New York Daily News on July 7.

Obama outhouse parade float: This float has caused controversy nationwide today being called disrespectful to the president.

Many Norfolk residents were angry that this float would be allowed to participate in this event on the day Americans celebrate the birth of a nation. The float was considered “racist” by some and “offensive to the office of the president” by others, reports ABC News.

The person who created this float made his statement perfectly clear, he want’s Obama out, suggests the Daily News. The Obama zombie was dressed in farmer’s overalls and he had a walker propping him up between the cab of the truck and the outhouse.

The truck donned American flags, with one at each of the four corners of the roof of the outhouse. It didn’t take long for photos of the Obama outhouse float to hit the social networks and spark debate nationwide.

Some called it nothing but a good old-fashioned political satire, not unlike something you would see in a political satire cartoon in some of the nation’s biggest newspapers. A native of Norfolk who came back home to visit during the holiday, Liz Guthrie, said the crowd was laughing and clapping as the float rolled on by.

Lance Harvey, Guthrie’s boyfriend was one of the folks who took the float as a simple political satire. Others were down right indignant over this image of the president. Dan Marvin, NDP Executive Director said, “"It's beyond disappointing the City of Norfolk, Neb., it's [sic] officials and citizens would allow such a thing."

Apparently the float stirred up some fear in Glory Kathurima who said she was “scared” and kept repeating, “That’s not OK,” as the float rolled by her. It is the Odd Fellows Organization that has the job of approving the floats that will appear in the parade, the city has nothing to do with what floats make it in and what floats aren’t allowed.

Norfolk city councilman Dick Pfeil was “displeased” and wanted to make sure that the folks knew that the city does not condone such a display. One of the parade committee members, Rick Konopasek, told the media that it was only meant as a political cartoon and nothing more.

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