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Obama minimizes threat to U.S. by Muslim terrorists in Iraq

During a television news interview on Friday, President Barack Obama attempted to minimize fears that Islamic terrorists advancing towards Baghdad in Iraq pose a threat to the United States, its people and its interests.

Many of the ISIS members are Americans, British and European foreign Islamists who may eventually return to their own countries with new terrorism skills.

Obama told ABC's Good Morning America's audience that the United States has been under "serious threat" during his entire presidency.

"That's one of the few things Obama has said that I actually agree with. We have been under serious threat during his entire administration and he's downplayed the actual attacks such as the Fort Hood shooting spree by an assailant who yelled 'Allah Ahkbar' as he killed unarmed soldiers," said former law enforcement intelligence official Samuel Testimonte. "All he had to do was call it 'workplace violence."

While the president continues to view terrorism as a law enforcement matter, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has enticed hundreds of Americans and Europeans to join their terrorist group on the battlefield, which has increased fears that these homegrown jihadists will eventually return to the United States.

"Lord knows our borders are more porous than ever before since our Border Patrol officers are being used as babysitters for the deluge of illegal alien children that Obama allowed into the country," said a director of security for a major organization in Texas. "The returning American jihadists will be able to fly into Mexico and Canada, bypassing our airport security and customs officers, and they can just stroll over our southern border," said Lauren Ferguson-Spencer, a former detective.

President Obama's former U.S. ambassador stationed in Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, has claimed the former al-Qaida in Iraq (AQII) now called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant "will be coming our way" with hundreds -- perhaps thousands of battle-hardened, trained terrorists with authentic U.S. passports.

"I think we have been under serious threat my entire presidency, " Obama said. "And we have been under serious threat predating 9/ 11 from those who embrace this ideology."

But some Obama political opponents have been highly critical of the President's attitude. "I love it. How brave and confident is this man who has more protection than anyone else in the entire nation except for maybe his family. From behind a small army of security agents, our Commander in Chief appears confident he won't be a victim of terrorists," quipped political strategist Michael Baker.

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