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Obama lashes out, blames Fox News during O'Reilly pre-Super Bowl interview

At least twice during his pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly Sunday, President Obama lashed out, blaming Fox News for people having negative impressions of the administration.

Barack Obama lashes out at Fox News during O'Reilly interview
Fox News

Obama and O'Reilly sniped at each other during most of the tense, 10-minute interview that covered a range of issues from the IRS to Benghazi and the rollout of

While speaking about Benghazi, Obama laughed at one point when O'Reilly asked about Susan Rice's contention that the attack was a spontaneous action.

"Understand, by definition, Bill, when somebody is attacking our compound," Obama said. "That's an act of terror, which is how I characterized it the day after it happened. So the -- so the question ends up being who, in fact, was attacking us?"

"It's more than that because if Susan Rice goes out and tells the world that it was a spontaneous demonstration," O'Reilly countered as Obama laughed.

About two minutes later, Obama blamed Fox News for people believing Obama did not call the Benghazi attack terrorism.

"Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn't want that out," O'Reilly said.

"And they believe it because folks like you are telling them that," Obama said.

"No, I'm not telling them that," O'Reilly responded to laughter.

Obama took another jab at Fox News during questioning about revelations the IRS targeted conservatives for extra scrutiny.

"These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them," Obama said when O'Reilly asked about what happened at the Cincinnati IRS office.

A full transcript of the interview can be seen here.



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