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Obama is the minimum wage President

Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage
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On Feb. 24, President Barack Obama spoke with the nation's Governors on issues that are affecting the states, and on ways to improve the economy. After the meeting, several of these Governors held a briefing outside the White House and answered questions to the Press regarding what was discussed.

During this briefing, one Governor in particular, Louisiana's chief executive Bobby Jindal, lashed out at the President on his close minded agenda over getting states to raise the minimum wage, and his lack of compromise in addressing the creation of real jobs to improve the Middle Class and the economy. In fact, Governor Jindal went so far as to label Barack Obama as the minimum wage President, and label the economy as Obama's minimum wage economy.

Bobby Jindal: The President's got a choice, and I heard you over hear ask about if the President mentioned the minimum wage, and yes, he mentioned it repeatedly to us. What I worry about though, is this President and this White House seems to be waving the White Flag of surrender after five years now under this administration... the Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy. - CBS News

While Governor Jindal's accusations and labels of the President seem rather harsh, the fact is that Barack Obama has primarily created more minimum wage jobs during his tenure in office than he has well paying jobs at a living wage. Between 2009 and the end of 2011, the economy created 1.6 million minimum wage jobs, while losing 2.7 million from the workforce. This rise in lower paid employment is included in another other economic fact which saw the unemployment rate rise from 8.2% to 9.1% during the President's trillion dollar 'shovel ready' jobs program.

There is an axiom economists say about Socialism, and this is that the ideology doesn't strive to make everyone equal, only that it strives to make everyone equally miserable. And since President Obama took office, he has been labeled by the Wall Street Journal as the worst American leader in modern times for helping or improving the Middle Class.

With price inflation raging by more than 30% for food, energy, and other necessities within the past year, the emphasis on creating minimum wage jobs by the President is economically unsound, and a means to create an even greater class of poverty. And five years into President Obama's tenure in office, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is dead on the money when he says that this administration's economy will go down in history as the minimum wage economy, and that President Obama will be known as the minimum wage President.

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