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Obama foreign policy lesson of the day

This is not a tongue in cheek or cynical report, it is a factual lesson delivered by President Obama from the White House lawn while standing before his helicopter that is ready to whisk him away for a vacation trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The lesson is about Iraq: America cannot help Iraq unless there is one.

Going on vacation
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

That is the essence. The President emphasized the urgency of Iraq to settle recent election results to determine the president and to form a government. The federal government of Iraq is in shambles because the election results are being contested and audited.

Read the report by Al Jazeera and see what you make of it. It says that Maliki forces remain in control, but none want Maliki for another term because they don’t trust him. That result throws the election into disarray and makes forming a new government impossible. The entire matter is being audited, and a new government is supposed to be in place by August 25th. Fat chance.

“Uncertainty as Iraq election results revealed

Negotiations begin to set up coalition government, while PM Maliki's future remains uncertain despite big election win.

Suadad al-Salhy and Cathy Otten Last updated: 26 May 2014 14:05”

President Obama said that Americans can accomplish a couple of things:

  1. Prevent Yezidis from starving to death, and from being overrun by the ISIS
  2. Protect American forces in Iraq

What America cannot do includes:

  1. Cannot form an Iraq government
  2. Cannot take sides in Iraq politics

The odd element that is a free radical in this scenario is ISIS that is a terrorist organization. America is at war with radical Islamic terrorists of all kinds. Therefore, if it can get a bead on ISIS, it will blast them. It will not do that if there will be civilian casualties.

In conclusion, Iraq is not a nation until it forms a government and until a critical mass of population is willing to defend it.

It appears that the borders of Iraq have been imposed and that the people in and around the borders must determine what they want government representation to be. For instance, the Kurds may or may not align with the Shiites. The Sunnis may or may not align with either or all of the rest. Is Iraq one nation or several? That’s a question that is surely raised by the presence of the “Islamic State,” a terrorist organization that is like Hamas, for instance.

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