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Obama does not get Christians' approval but gets Muslims' approval: Gallup

President Barack Obama approved of by Muslims but not by people of other religious affiliations
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

A new Gallup poll’s results were released on Friday regarding the job approval of President Barack Obama in relation to one’s religion. The results of the survey conducted during the first half of 2014 – January through June – reveal that Obama is considered to be doing a good job by one religion but not others. In fact, 72 percent of United States Muslims approve of the job President Obama has been doing as president. That is far and above the approval rating Obama received by any other religious group in the massive poll.

On the other end of the approval rating, Mormons are the least approving of Obama. A mere 18 percent of Mormons say they approve of the job the president has been doing when they were asked during the first half of the year. Basically, the results show that the majorities of persons who are in non-Christian religions – which includes persons who say they are not affiliated with any religion at all – approved of Obama a great deal more than people who are Christian.

The results show that persons who identify themselves in the three major Christian religious groups approve of the president far less than people who are non-Christian. The categories of religious affiliations that do not approve of Obama, overall, are Catholics, Protestants and people who embrace other forms of Christianity. All Christian groups ranked well below the 50 percent mark.

President Obama Job Approval by Religion (Jan.-June 2014)

(Religion - % approval - % disapproval)

  • Muslim – 72% approval – 20% disapproval
  • Other non-Christians – 59% approval – 34% disapproval
  • Jewish – 55% approval – 41% disapproval
  • No religion or Atheist – 54% approval – 38% disapproval
  • Catholic – 44% approval – 51% disapproval
  • Protestant or other Christian affiliations – 37% approval – 58% disapproval
  • Mormon or Latter-day Saints – 18% approval – 78% disapproval

The results of this poll are based on interview with 88,000 persons conducted during the first six months of 2014. During this polling, Obama’s overall job approval in the nation among Americans was 43%. The Gallup survey included interviews with 552 Muslims and more than 1,700 persons in every other religious group, according to Politico.

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