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Obama could cut Russian ammo imports as response to Ukraine crisis

Will Obama use Ukrainian crisis to punish U.S. gun owners?
Will Obama use Ukrainian crisis to punish U.S. gun owners?
Guneev Sergey/Host Photo Agency via Getty Images

In a 90-minute telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday afternoon about the developing military crisis in the Ukraine, President Barack Obama noted consequences should violations of Ukrainian sovereignty continue and escalate, The White House noted in a release of the call readout.

“Going forward, Russia’s continued violation of international law will lead to greater political and economic isolation,” the release declared.

Such "economic isolation" could directly impact U.S. gun owners, a citizen journalist and rights activist familiar to this column's readers has noted.

“I had a fellow tell me this morning that he was completely unconcerned about the Ukraine situation, believing that Obama would take the ‘Chamberlain way out’ of confrontation,” Mike Vanderboegh related this morning on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.

“No he won't,” Vanderboegh replied, “he'll take the Clinton way out -- do nothing about the larger issue but he'll cut off our access to Russian ammunition just like Clinton cut off our access to inexpensive Chinese ammo in the 90s, to ‘punish them for human rights violations.’"

With foreign imports growing to accommodate the already stretched supply of ammunition that has domestic manufacturers running operations around the clock, such a move would not only send an easy and immediate signal that would meet with “progressive” political and media approval, it would also continue with a long-established tactic of the “gun control” movement: punishing peaceable gun owners for something they are not responsible for.

“The Obama administration is shot through with veterans of the Clinton administration,” Vanderboegh replied when asked what he would say to those accusing him of giving the president’s advisers ideas. “Believe me, they don’t need any help from me in thinking of anti-gun maneuvers.

“Would you rather hear it from me and have warning, or be surprised by it when it happens?” he asked.


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