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Obama conducts unscrupulous secret surveillance, say Chinese in report

A Chinese think-tank specializing in Internet technology released a report on Monday that claims U.S. President Barack Obama and his spy agencies are taking advantage of their advanced military technology to spy on other countries with no regard to whether they are friend or foe.

If the Chinese had their way, President Obama would be arrested on espionage charges.
courtesy of News with Views/Paul Walter

China's Internet Media Research Center slammed Washington for allegedly conducting a far-reaching secret surveillance program that targets governments and government leaders throughout the world. The Chinese group alleges that the spy operations in many cases has nothing to do with terrorism or warfare in Afghanistan

"[PRISM and other spy operations] demonstrate that the [Obama Administration] has mounted the most wide-ranging, costly, long-term surveillance operation in the history of the Internet," the Chinese report states.

Besides leaders in countries such as Germany, Brazil, and many others, the Chinese think-tank alleges that the U.S. secret spy program also monitors ordinary people throughout the world, which was proven by documents leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden now residing in Russia.

Snowden claims that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) collects information on close to five-billion cellular telephone calls and another two-billion text messages sent every day.

The Chinese also accused the NSA of using high-tech, spy software in tens-of-thousands of computers worldwide since Obama's election as president. What shocked people who were following the spy story was the accusation that the NSA could "access and control these computers using radio waves even if they are not connected to a network."

Monday's report from the Chinese think-tank addresses the fact that the exposure of PRISM brought worldwide comdemnation of the U.S. as well as calls for the NSA program to be eliminated.

"America must provide explanations for its surveillance activities, cease spying operations that seriously infringe upon human rights, and refrain from causing stress and antagonism in global cyber space," the report read.

"This report is a definite case of 'the pot calling the kettle black.' For years the Chinese government and its businesses have been spying on the United States, Great Britain, Japan and other industrialized nations as reported in publications such as the Examiner," said corporate security expert Nicholas Menchen.

"It's getting to the point where this world no longer has secrets," Menchen added.

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