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Obama Closes Down the Atlantic Ocean?

Obama Closes the Atlantic Ocean
Obama Closes the Atlantic Ocean

Not all of it but he is closing 1,100 square miles of it, making it off limits to charter boat captains who operate out of the Florida Bay, in what can only be described as a shameless act against the American people at the hands of a president who is willing to inflict as much pain on as many as he can in order to achieve a political goal. Just before the weekend, the NPS notified charter captains of their latest outrage.

Besides closing national parks, Obama has gone after state parks, private businesses, Mt Vernon, and now the ocean. This is not about saving money during the government shutdown. Just the opposite, the NPS is spending more man hours and tons more money to make sure Americans don't enjoy those things they for with their taxes.

He is paying the price for his hostage taking and his extortion as his approval rating has dropped to 41% in the latest Gallup poll, with 52% disapproving. One unidentified park ranger is disgusted by a set of orders they received and that was to create as much pain and havok on the taxpayers as they can.

Besides the Florida Bay, Obama has closed Biscayne Bay for fishing also. How long will it be before he orders airplanes not to fly over national parks and installs dams to keep underground rivers from flowing underneath them?

With the 2014 elections coming up and many democrats are in serious trouble, they must cringe with every new story of government overreach. They certainly did over the WW@ memorial, where several of them attended and even helped take down the barriers. It also remains to be seen, how long the American people will be able to ignore this scandal.