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Obama claims generosity will end the tsunami of illegal alien kids

Without a thought to fairness or justice, President Barack Obama is promising millions of dollars to governments of nations from which thousands of Central American children and young adults emanate, according to media reports on Saturday. Critics of Obama's handling of what he himself called a "humanitarian crisis" claim that the President is robbing American citizens of their tax money in order to enhance his own reputation of generosity to countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Illegal alien children hold up signs obviously written for them by activists exploiting them for a political agenda.
Ralston/Getty Images

The Obama White House claims the Homeland Security Department's immigration components will speed up the removal of illegal aliens from the U.S. and open additional detention centers for those illegal aliens who are part of the latest tsunami of illegal immigration.

But, in contradiction of some of his earlier statements, Obama said that his administration will protect the those seeking asylum in the United States.

From October 2013 to June 2014, an estimated 60,000 unaccompanied children arrived on the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas , according to officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is responsible for border security, immigration enforcement, citizenship services and other functions related to immigration.

According to the DHS, government officials are seeking additional housing for the illegal alien minors and they are using taxpayers money for fees charged by a small army of immigration lawyers hired to deal with the influx of illegal aliens claiming asylum.

Excuses offered by defenders -- of what many call rampant violations of U.S. sovereignty and flagrant lawbreaking -- are that criminal violence and economic hardship are the cause of this massive exodus from Latin America especially from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

In addition, the Obama minions and sycophants have begun a public-relations campaign to explain the policy changes that curtailed the deportations of people who had previously arrived in the U.S. illegally as children.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is blaming the illegal alien tsunami on the Obama White House. He has gone on the record saying the Obama policies "directly resulted in the belief by these immigrants that once they reach U.S. soil, they will be able to stay here indefinitely."

Speaker Boehner also forcefully asked Obama to have the National Guard deployed to the southern border in order to assist the U.S. Border Patrol.

While failing to answer Boehner's requests, the Obama administration did announce $93 million in new giveaways to reduce violence in Central America. It includes $40 million for the Guatemalan government to help curb youngsters from joining gangs and millions of dollars for youth centers and outreach programs in El Salvador and Honduras.

"It's the old, tired Bill Clinton strategy that in the 1990's created 'midnight basketball' and other touchy-feely programs that did little to reduce gang violence in the United States," said former police commanding officer Stuart Genovese.

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