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Obama Can You Hear Me? lyrics need a tune

Obama posing and smiling for the camera Dec 6 2012
Obama posing and smiling for the camera Dec 6 2012
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza; Wikimedia Commons

Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States and is now seated in a position of power and privilege that few men have ever experienced. What must that be like - to go so quickly from obscurity to international fame? What affect would it have on one's sense of responsibility and sense of self? How heavy would the burden be to meet the needs and expectations of those who helped put you into power? How far does one become removed from the common man's conundrums, and yet how similar could the untold emotions range? When do we listen and when do we choose to turn a deaf ear? And how often do our appointed representatives do the same to us?

While the media promotes another threat of government shutdown, just one day before the October 1st official release of The Affordable Care Act aka "Obamacare" into the public sector, and just one day after another round of presidential golf, I have written the following lyrics in honor of the working class men & women of America whose outer and inner struggles may go unrecognized and unrelieved.

If there are any skillful songwriters out there who care to put these words to music, then please do so & share your talents with us all.

Thank you.

Obama Can You Hear Me?

Awakened from my sleep
Feel the pain of my regret
Remorse for days gone by
Promises I have not kept

Thoughts nobody whispered
Heart pains that are my own
Half-tears burning the corners
of the face I've always shown

Uncertain is my future
Tomorrow's gone ahead
My best friend is the enemy
lying in my bed

Obama can you hear me
A citizen of the state
Obama can you hear me
Are you even half awake

Look up to the heavens
I look inside myself
Dear God will you forgive me
So blind and out of step

Hope and strength and courage
Never giving up the fight
Eloquent no longer 'cause
the tongue is tied so tight

Obama can you hear me
A captive of the state
Obama can you hear me
The majority is at stake

Never mind the troubles
Simple man with borrowed dreams
Escape is not an option
'til your soul has been redeemed

Follow in my footsteps
Walk around and dare to fall
Shake your head so many times
You can't believe yourself at all

Obama can you hear me
A citizen of your fate
Obama can you hear me
from behind the iron gate

Obama can you hear me
Ignore me just once more
Obama can you hear me
Now go and sin no more

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