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Nov 2012 vote tabulation raising concerns

New electronic voting systems installed by SCYTL, a company in Spain, are raising concerns about the integrity of the upcoming Nov. elections.
New electronic voting systems installed by SCYTL, a company in Spain, are raising concerns about the integrity of the upcoming Nov. elections.
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Although the mainstream media has yet to report on the fact that a Spanish based company will be tabulating the Nov. 2012 vote, or at least a significant part of it, those who are aware of the plans are raising serious concerns over the past few days about the integrity and privacy of the U.S. general election this year.

According to a story making its way around the Internet, the Obama Administration, or numerous local government entities, have apparently contracted with SCYTL, a vote tabulation company in Barcelona, Spain, to count the U.S. vote in November.

While some of the most serious charges leveled by critics concerning the company cannot be verified, there is enough information available about the firm to call into question the motives and the wisdom of choosing such an entity in what most politicos are calling the most important U.S. election since the founding of the Republic.

The most common claim being made by critics is that SCYTL is owned by George Soros, the Leftwing billionaire who is known for bankrolling the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and putting up the funds to start a myriad of 'progressive' propaganda organizations such as Media Matters,, and Center for American Progress.

But there is no evidence that Soros has a stake in SCYTL ownership, neither is there any proof that the company "has strong ties to Soros" as widely claimed by various Internet sites.

This is not to say that there is no connection. The Soros tentacles spread far and wide and are covered by a vast assortment of names that sound innocuous enough. But so far there is no solid evidence that Soros is connected with SCYTL whatsoever.

However, what is known about the company provides plenty of information about which to be concerned. And serious questions are raised as a result.

First, does the U.S. Constitution allow for a foreign entity to take over voter tabulations in this country? If there is no definitive statement in the document itself, the next place to look for the answer is to the Framers themselves, and to historic precedent. Elections in this country have always been under the control and jurisdiction of the local Elections Boards through precincts. To take the process out of the hands of Americans at the local level and place it in the hands of foreigners seems to be a gross violation of every principle of national sovereignty by which the country has operated for over 200 years.

Second, SCYTL has a known history of problems with the integrity of its vote tabulations. The state of Florida refused to allow the company to tabulate its vote in 2008 after discovering significant risks. Those risks are summarized in this report issued by The Patriot Update.

Third, in 2010 the new electronic voting system installed in Washington, D.C. by SCYTL was hacked.

Fourth, SCYTL was originally funded in part by the Spanish government and maintains a close association with that government. The company is also known for its support of socialistic principles in Europe. Such a scenario raises significant red flags concerning the ability of foreign governments to gain access to valuable private voter information in the U.S.

Fifth, SCYTL is owned by the former CEO of Global Net, who made the maximum legal donation to the Obama campaign in 2008. It has been speculated that he has a relationship with Media Matters, but it is unknown if that relationship extends to MM founder George Soros.

Sixth, Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy, retired, wonders if the choice of SCYTL is the reason Obama sounded so confident of his reelection when he was overheard on a live microphone telling the Russian President that much more could be done about nuclear arms after the November elections. Ross further wonders who made the decision to go with SCYTL and how. Was it an Obama Executive Order? Did the Federal Elections Commission make the choice? Was it approved by Congress?

Seventh, given that vote counting is the responsibility of state and local elections commissions, how many of these entities have contracted with SCYTL to do their counting for them? Are these local elections commissions being pressured by the feds at the FEC to contract out their electronic vote tabulations to SCYTL? Is this another attempt of the Obama Administration to usurp local authority?

So far there are many questions here but few answers.

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