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Norwegian drunk passes out on airport baggage belt

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As world travelers, we can often be very attached to our possessions and our luggage, whether we are traveling on vacation to Mazatlan in Mexico, or further afield to a school reunion in Glasgow, Scotland, not to mention everywhere else in between, like the current, very exciting, London 2012 Olympics.

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Now one man has literally been so attached to his possessions that he actually went on the conveyor belt with his baggage and passed through all the baggage security checks .

"That's quite hilarious, although I'm sure his exposure to the x-ray machines was not very good for his health," says San Francisco world traveler, Andrew Lennox.

The drunk Norwegian world traveler went through the baggage area for a full 15 minutes before he was noticed and then arrested at the airport in Rome. That airport is one of Italy's busiest. He was still clutching his beer when he was found.

"It can never be a good thing to travel if you're drunk. You do need to have your wits about you. There is probably some kind of law against being on a plane if you are that inebriated. If there isn't, perhaps there should be. Nobody wants to deal with a drunk if you are on the same flight as them," says San Francisco resident, Betty Conroy.

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(Newser) – A drunk Norwegian tourist ended up taking a ride with his bag at Rome's Fiumicino airport. When the 36-year-old man found the checkout counter for his flight to Oslo unstaffed, he fell asleep on the baggage belt—still clutching his beer—and remained passed out as he and his bag moved through the airport's secure baggage area for 15 minutes, the Telegraph reports. Workers eventually spotted him on X-ray monitor screens.

After airport cops managed to wake the Norwegian from his deep sleep, he was taken to a local hospital due to concern about his exposure to X-rays. He's now facing charges over the incident. Officials at the airport, which is Italy's busiest, defended their security procedures. "There's usually an episode like this once a year, and we are alert," explained an official. "In this case we were notified, we sounded the alarm immediately, and we took action."

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