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North Korea's Kim Jong-un kills top minister with flamethrower

North Korea's brutal dictator Kim Jong-un executed a top official using a flamethrower as part of his campaign to rid his government of officials allegedly close to his uncle whom Kim allegedly fed to more than 100 dogs last year, according to several reports in the region on Tuesday.

Kim Jong-un is proving himself to be even more ruthless and bloodthirsty than his father Kim Jong-il
Getty Images/AFP

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) reportedly executed Security Minister O Sang-hon because he had continued to run his ministry the way Kim Jong-un's late uncle did. Kim had claimed he executed his uncle, Jang Song-taek, because he had attempted to turn the Ministry of Security into a private fiefdom to protect his own business interests.

So far 11 party officials who were close to Jang -- and to Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il -- were either executed or being held captive in one of DPRK's prison camps, according to the British newspaper, The Mirror.

Jang was summarily executed in December 2013 after enduring a "kangaroo court" trial. He was ruled guilty of participating in actions that violated the goals of the Worker's Party of Korea.

Kim Jon-un is said to be proud of his record of killing alleged political enemies, including his uncle and about a half-dozen aides at the end of 2013.

“Our party took a resolute action to remove... scum elements within the party last year,” Kim said, according to the Khaleej Times.

In 2012, following the death of his father, Kim reportedly executed his assistant minister of the North Korean Army for the crime of drinking alcoholic beverages during that nation's mourning of the death of Kim Jong-il.

But it was Kim's brutal killing of his father's brother that shocked the world when news came out that he fed his uncle to more than 100 hungry dogs.

According to an Examiner report, in the last 12-years the brutal regime in North Korea has been -- and continues to be -- the world's most restrictive nation in which to practice Christianity.

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